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Luxury van upfitting for business purposes has become increasingly popular, particularly among professionals who realise the importance of not losing productive time on long journeys.

Whether you need to create the perfect mobile office, a luxury van for corporate transportation, or something unique to your specific business purposes, upfitting a van with the help of a provider like Senzati is often the perfect way to meet your specific business requirement. 

If you’re considering luxury van upfitting for your business, here’s some useful advice on how to get started with the process.

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Work out what you need

The first step when it comes to upfitting a van for business purposes is to figure out what it is you actually need. This will be slightly different from business to business, and it’s important that you get something that’s perfectly suited to your unique requirements. 

Think about the exact function that the van needs to fulfil for your business. Are you looking for a mobile office, where you and your team can work while on the move? Will you need specialist work equipment like monitors or fast computers? Are you looking for a comfortable, stylish space where you can meet with clients? 

Understanding your specific needs is absolutely essential when it comes to you working out what steps you’ll take next to make the perfect van.

Pick a base van

Now that you know what you need from your business vehicle, you can pick a base van to upfit. You’ll want to pick something that’s big enough to fit everything you need, provides excellent ride quality and will be highly reliable.

Mercedes-Benz is a go-to option for most businesses. If you need something on the larger side of things, such as for a mobile office, the Sprinter model can be perfect. If you need something a little smaller, then a Vito might do perfectly.

Find an upfitter

Luxury van upfitting needs to be done right, and that requires a range of specialised tools and a heap of experience. As a result, it’s important that you find a professional upfitter who has experience in customising vans for business purposes similar to yours. 

Try to look for upfitters that provide a wide range of customisation options, from integrating the latest technologies to adding more than a little touch of luxury. Ideally, you’ll be able to find a single upfitter who can carry out the process. 

Make sure that your upfitter is fully certified, ideally with the manufacturer of the base van. You need an end product that’s legally compliant, and more importantly, something that’s safe to drive and spend time in. 

By now you should have a good idea of where to start with your luxury business van upfitting journey. Spend time working out what you need, and then, with the help of the right upfitter, you should be able to create a unique luxury van that can serve your business for years to come. It isn’t something to rush – take your time, and make sure that you get things right the first time around.

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