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I would love to live it an old house, particularly a Victorian house with old sash windows. There are many reasons I would love an old Victorian house so I thought I would share them with you. What sort of house do you love?

Terraced Houses and blured "Black Cab"in  Clapham ,London. (Long exposure)

Victorian House Rooms

I love the high ceilings of Victorian houses. They always make a room seem really big even if it isn’t. I don’t know if I would love cleaning the high cobwebs though! I love the old ceiling roses too, don’t you?

I love the fireplaces with patterned tiles and the detail put into these. They are just so elegant don’t you think? There is just something about them that makes me picture a mother feeding her child by the fire before putting them to bed in a large old fashioned cot.

Victorian houses always seem to have great size reception rooms which I love.

The outside of a Victorian house

I love how so many of these old Victorian houses have a stained glass window above or next to the door and a date stone. Decorative stone doorways and roof edgings.

From the outside the sash windows look stunning in my opinion. Of course double glazed sash windows are available now which would keep the heat in and the noise out a little.

The location of Victorian houses

Victorian houses are often in great locations near to transport links such as train stations. This often makes them expensive but maybe one day I will afford one! The streets, in my opinion, always look stunning with rows of Victorian terraces. It just takes me in my mind back to the days long before any of us were born. the industrial revolution and children playing in the streets with smoke bellowing from nearby factories. Such a difference from the world today.

Why I love Victorians in history

I remember very clearly the time at school I learnt about the Victorians and have always been fascinated in that era. Can you imagine living back then? I know I can and in some ways, it looks so much simpler. I would love the sort of life where there is no technology and families spend evenings together in one room. Would you? Could you imagine living in a Victorian house? Maybe you already do? Do let me know your dream house.

Pinterest pin of a street full of buildings

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