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Choosing a door for your home, whether you are designing it for the first time or renovating it should never be trivialized. Providing security, protection and privacy from all the unwanted factors, doors also enhance and heighten the beauty of your interior as well as exteriors. There are so many types of doors to choose from depending upon your desire and need. The option to shape and customize your door in any way you want.

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What is the choice?

There is so much choice from like contemporary, Georgian, and 1930s doors, modern and Victorian. Choosing the type of door that goes best with your house design and needs is a creative and artistic process. It doesn’t have to be complicated. With many available choices along with your own choice of material, design, colour and finish, makes it easier. But you will never have to go over budget. All of this can be done in your budget without compromising on quality. 

Why choose vintage doors?

A vintage one is your best choice while selecting them for your house regardless of it being traditionally designed or modernly designed. You can never go wrong with these handcrafted pure solid wood doors. They will undoubtedly set your home apart from others on the street.

The natural aesthetic look of the wood paired with the perfect finishing and fine-looking knobs and handles. Believe it or not, vintage doors are the perfect tool if you want to give your home a more inviting feeling. You can always twist things up by having a modernly designed house with vintage doors. This blend of themes and designs will go a long way. 

Many technologies have been designed now that make sure that your beautiful door can stand against the trials and tribulations of time. Technologies like wrapping, splitting and wearing and tearing of the material and paint. Making sure it lasts for as long as possible and also upholds the charismatic essence of vintage doors. 

Aesthetic and romantic feeling:

Vintage doors like the 1930s designed doors add to the aesthetic value of your house and make it look more romantic. The natural organic designs of the wood shaped in geometric panelled designs with soft, appealing colours give off the romantic and comforting feeling. If your house is appropriately furnished, vintage doors will only add to it.

Adds character and finesse:

1930s doors enhance the character of your house and beautify it. They are also an ode to the fascinating formal styles of the 1900s. Vintage ones are the perfect blend of originality and authenticity of the historical glamour all the while never compromising on its quality.

How to choose the best vintage doors for your house

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