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Do you have a difficult to buy for mum who likes wine? It can get a bit dull just buying a bottle or two of wine every year so here is a great new idea for you, wine tasting, even in lockdown!

A bottle of wine

What is a virtual wine tasting?

Instead of going along to a vineyard, restaurant or similar to do wine tasting you simply do it at home. This doesn’t mean it is boring, it actually makes it better in many ways.

Instead of the tiny bottles or mouthfuls of wine, you would get at a tasting event, you get full-size bottles.

The wine tasting sessions are done over zoom and the cost is per family so you can drink and enjoy the different wines together.

The cost of the wine tasting is £99 which includes three bottles of stunning quality wine along with a guided wine tasting from an expert in the field.

3 bottles of wine

How does the virtual wine tasting session last?

The session is one hour with the wine expert guiding you or your mum through the tasting. The session is at 6 pm so you have all evening to enjoy as much or as little of the remaining wine as you choose.

Why this would be a great gift

I think this would be a lovely gift because not only is it for your mum but anyone she chooses to join her within the lockdown restrictions. Why not buy yourself a ticket too and join in?

Independent Wine also offers free gift wrapping and can add a greeting card too so it would be well received I am sure.

A close up of 3 bottles of wine

Is it red or white wine? How do I know what wine will be sent?

There are two sessions, one is on 11th March tasting Pinot Noirs from the Dolomite Alps. The other is on the 12th March tasting noble reds of Piemonte.

Each page (linked above) shows the wines that will be sent for these packages and as Independent Wine are a leading popular wine distributor in the UK you can be sure they will be of good quality.

3 bottles of wine
View on the castle of Grinzane cavour at Sunset, the sky is yellow and orange and some sunrays illuminate the Manor in backlight

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