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If you are looking around your home and the walls are full of photos and quotes but you want some proper art for your walls then these tips should help you choose the perfect wall art for your home without getting yourself stressed!

Empty grey wall with wooden flooring and a plant to the left

Step 1 Picture the wall as an empty canvas.

If you have something on the wall already then take it down, even just for a short while so you can truly see the space you have.

Move any clutter from the furniture around the wall that would not normally be there and give the area a good clean. I know, I know boring but necessary. You need to see this area in the clean blank canvas it is and decide from there.

Step 2 Think about the tone of the room

Are you putting wall art in a room which is very relaxed and comfortable or one which is for working and being serious? This can make a huge difference to the artwork you choose.

Sitting in your pyjamas on a Sunday Morning choosing the art for an office you usually have meetings with prospective clients in is unlikely to lead to the right choice.

Step 3 Consider what colours and styles work well in that space

I feel it is important to consider your favourite colours but also the other colours in that area of your home or office space. Try to choose something for your wall art that matches well or compliments what you already have.

Do you have a really minimalistic house with a few strong colour pops? Choosing art with a similar minimalistic approach would go perfectly. There is nothing worse in my opinion than having a minimal style house with really cluttered art!

If you have a dark room or space then go for lighter colour art or if you prefer something darker use a really large/wide mount in a light colour to add more light to the room.

Step 4 Decide on a wall art style and whether you want a frame

Once you have an idea what kind of picture or design you are looking for and the colours you want it in the next thing is to consider the finish of the art.

I would suggest putting a mirror or picture that is behind glass in your space and see what reflection you get. A simple task like this can help you decide if you would prefer something like a canvas print or a tapestry there, both of which do not have glass or frames, or a framed wall art.

If you are opting for something framed then this is another decision you need to make. Do you want a particular colour or style of frames?

Step 5 Search for wall art that fits all your requirements

Now you have a good idea of what you are looking for it is time to actually start looking. If you start before now you are likely to choose something that is not really right for that space and if you have spent a lot of money on it you may regret it.

Sacred art has become more popular since the advent of printing. Some of the reasons why people choose Christian wall art as part of their home decor is because they use it as an aid in personal devotion. Art helps us communicate with people in a way we cannot communicate with words. It helps us devote our beliefs and faith. Art and home decor make excellent gifts for new homeowners but you can use them for many other special occasions. Surrounding yourself with beautiful art at home is very important. Find what motivates you and hang it on the wall – bring inspiration to your home and enjoy!

What sort of wall art would you treat yourself to?

Pinterest pin with wall art on dark green wall

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