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If you have been furloughed or are currently working fewer hours than normal and have lots of time, then maybe you fancy making your own blog or website.

There are so many website builders about but I recommend either blogger or WordPress depending on your requirements. If you go with WordPress and have it self-hosted then you have the most flexibility in my opinion.

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Here are a few things you need to consider before you even start the set-up of your blog or website. If you will be hoping to have products delivered to your address then finding the best home security for your needs is important to ensure parcels do not go astray when you are not home.

The purpose of your website

If you are looking to set up a site that is focused on selling a product the way you set it out and the theme you choose will be very different most likely than a personal blog. Do remember though that your blog may turn into a business so keep this at the back of your mind when you make decisions.

Have a look at other websites that are similar to your business or blog idea and see how they set theirs out. Do they have an easy-to-navigate website? Is it easy to read what they are telling you? All these things you need to consider when you decide the purpose of your website,

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The language and fonts you use

Grammarly is a great tool to see if you are writing for the purpose you intend. Think about if you are wanting to come across as formal and informative or friendly and sharing experiences. Both would require a very different approach.

When choosing fonts it also needs to match this language. It is no good using a font such as comic sans for example for a serious website teaching people how to do an element of accountancy. It just would not look professional. There are many free fonts available so it is just a case of finding what works for you. Have a good look around and make sure you choose the perfect one.

For a great example of good use of the right fonts check out Paternal Damnation.

Name and niche

This element of your site will only really be relevant if you are not building it for a business you already have. Think of a catchy name that fits your subject and ensure the name is available on social media if required too. If you are starting a website of sewing patterns, for example, it would be a bad idea to call it “sewing patterns for kids and adults”. That would be a great tagline but far too long and unnecessary for a URL.

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If you need a logo it is so much better to think of this from the start so you have a brand image from the outset. When you start brainstorming logo ideas you may think of a new name so if you can get all this planned before you even start then it is beneficial.

Your website is your online image and the way your readers or customers will see you when they first come across your site so make sure it is amazing! You can use a logo maker to help you get the perfect logo.

Are you going to set up a website or start a blog?

Setting up your own website in your spare time during lockdown

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