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Smart is the buzzword in the world of technology. From watches to phones, and now, even TVs, more and more gadgets are becoming categorized under this banner. Technology gets better day by day, leading us to ever greater innovation in the world of smart technology. But why are smart appliances such a big deal in modern life? And specifically – why would you want a Smart TV, if the old kind was simply fine? Was it? So many questions! Let me help you make up your mind for yourself. 

Black sofa with wooden tv stand with black smart tv

Do I Really Need One? 

Buying a Smart TV will lead you to face certain questions surrounding what you need in terms of functionality, what your budget is and what your house is like. “My house?” you ask. Remember that you are about to move into a different realm of technological greatness and that the setting of where you intend to install the Smart TV will affect your usage of the TV. If you live in a city like Bristol for example and happen to be near a TV tower – why bother with a smart TV? A digital TV and an aerial should get you all the shows you want, without the added trouble. However, if you do want the benefits of Smart TV with access to Freeview, you can also opt for a hybrid situation. Look for a TV installation specialist in Bristol and find out if smart TVs are the right option for you.

Why would you need one, is the question at hand. Perhaps your current TV needs to be retired or has broken. Perhaps you are just looking for an upgrade. Regardless of your reason, the benefits of picking a Smart TV over a regular TV are enormous. You are looking at perks like being able to stream from pre-installed streaming services, like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime and more, accessing the internet, connecting to other smart devices and then some, all from your TV!

Sounds Complicated!

Although the functionality is far more than what you might expect of a TV, operating it is a breeze, thanks to one of the greatest perks of Smart technology – intuitiveness. Depending on the model you choose, your TV is more than likely to walk you through the setup process step by step, rather than you having to figure it out alone.

Remember that you can (and should) pick the right TV for your lifestyle. Do you live alone, or are you part of a larger family? In terms of pre-loaded streaming apps, do you need kids’ programming, or would apps for kids be a waste for you? Should you get a unit that it optimized for displaying sporting events, or are you a nature lover who would benefit from viewing programming on a very high definition screen? Resolution ranges from 4K, which is four times higher than the regular 1080p display, to lower resolutions at lower prices. 

I’ll say it again – the benefits to smart appliances are almost literally endless. You can indeed link to your phone, but not only that – you can move content between the two, stream from one to the other and more. You can even control your TV using your phone. What a time to be alive!

Let us be real – all this technology does come at a price. But as with everything, as the specs go up, so does the price, and if you are willing to forgo certain functionalities, you can get a great deal at a price you can afford. I hope this article has provided you with some guidance towards making the right decision!

Black smart tv on wooden tv stand

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