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The subject of whether someone is beautiful or not is difficult. We all see beauty differently. Do you prefer someone with clear skin and who looks after themself or a real bad boy? I have never really been one for a bad boy but have friends who do are attracted to all the bad boys. Do you look for nice hair? Maybe you are looking to improve yours? There are so many options such as a non-surgical hair treatment to get hair back you have lost.

Handsome office man

Facial hair or not?

Do you love facial hair? I really don’t, a bit of stubble is ok but a full-blown beard no way! For some reason, I just have the vision of Jim from Royle family with food in his beard! I had a boyfriend with a beard once and oh I hated it.

Good teeth are beautiful

Don’t you think that teeth are massively important? This is why many check out this reputable dentist in Charlotte NC to enhance their smile. I don’t mind if they are straight or not but bad breath and dirty teeth, yuck! It isn’t like toothpaste or mouthwash is that expensive, is it? I love how some dentists offer discounts for new patients which is good for someone who hasn’t been for a while. Many dentists offer new patients their first check-up free of charge so there is no excuse.


Is the job a prospective partner has important to you? I personally think it isn’t the job title which is important but the job ethic is important. I hate to be with someone who is unmotivated to work and just doesn’t see it as important. My ex was like that and it drove me up the wall. Never again would I date someone who thinks lazing around is more important than providing for your family. In my opinion benefits are there for if you need them not want them because you are lazy!


I always thought it was important to have similar interests and shared hobbies. Actually now I think the opposite. I love that myself and Stuart have such different interests because we can be ourselves and have more to talk about when we are together. Stuart hates the real crime shows I watch, I think he thinks I will murder him or something! I am not a fan of his football but we have other things in common and enjoy each others company so it doesn’t matter to me.

What do you look for in a potential partner? Do you see all these things as important? Which do you not agree with? Years ago so many people would be making friends by writing letters and fall in love without meeting!

What makes someone beautiful?

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