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Did you know that an estimated 100 people search for ear wax removal Twickenham, 200 people search for ear wax removal Richmond, and a whopping 1000 people search for ear wax removal Ealing every month? That brings the number of visits to these three locations per year to about 15,600. Imagine how many the number is across the whole country! But what is ear wax and how come it affects these many people?

What is ear wax?

Ear wax or cerumen is a substance secreted in the ear canal. It acts as a defence mechanism, preventing foreign material from moving further into the ear.

Naturally, the wax is expelled from the ear on its own, aided by activities such as chewing, talking and other jaw-related motions.

Sometimes, your body may produce much more ear wax than it expels, leading to a build-up of wax in your ears.

Why seeing a professional is important

Your ear is one of the most delicate parts of your body. When you try to remove your ear wax by inserting objects into your ear, you risk pushing the earwax further into your ear canal, causing trauma to the canal, or at worst, perforating your eardrum.

Given the inherent risks associated with ear wax removal, you should only allow a professional who has been trained clinically for this procedure to do it.

How to find a professional ear wax removal clinic in Ealing

Since the NHS stopped offering ear wax removal, there has been an upshoot of “clinics” offering this service. The regulations around ear wax removal are currently few and far between.

If you’re not careful, you may have a hairdresser taking out your ear wax. Since you have only two ears with no spare, you’d want a properly trained ear practitioner to do the job, right?


So, I’ll let you in on my secret to finding a qualified ear practitioner. There is a website called Orejas UK which helps you find the best ear wax removal clinics in the UK, listing only clinics run by qualified practitioners.

They even go a step further to list the practitioner’s qualifications on their website. This is the best way to avoid cowboys! Thank me later.

What to expect at your appointment?

  • Your ear practitioner should be a fully-trained and certified professional. The appointment can take about half an hour.
  • You may be asked a few questions by your practitioner to get a better understanding of your ear’s health.
  • You may be asked to complete a consent form before the procedure.
  • The healthcare professional will examine your ear using an otoscope.
  • Details on the ear wax removal procedure and the equipment that will be used will be explained to you.
  • The healthcare professional will carry out the ear cleaning procedure and advise you on any necessary aftercare.
  • You should be able to ask questions.


Ear wax removal is a delicate procedure that could go horribly wrong if performed by someone who doesn’t know what they are doing. So, resist the urge to remove your ear wax yourself.

Always consult your audiologist if you experience any ear blockage or you suspect a build-up of wax in your ear. Remember, the only thing you should put into your ear is your elbow.

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