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Do you watch DIY SOS? I love it but it does make me cry sometimes. The stories really do make you feel so lucky don’t they! I can not imagine having a life changing accident for example and not having the money or support to enable you to continue living in your home.

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The community spirit

I love watching how communities come together to help someone they probably do not know I their time of need. I know it is a TV programme and they get a bit of advertising out of it but ultimately it is a true act of kindness. Even young children are often helping or bringing sweets for the workers. Such a great way to instill community spirit in children from a young age either taking part or watching programmes like this.

The speed they work at

Can you imagine leaving your house for a week and coming back and it is completely different. I am sure there are some workmen out there (and work women for that matter!) who could learn a thing or two about working quickly! For bigger projects in the space of a few days they have temporary buildings up for the community to use while they rebuild the main building like a community centre. They even seem to make time for things like personalised headboards and doing a garden as an extra!

The dedication of the workers

I love how you see all the workers just mucking in and doing what needs doing. Maybe it is off camera but you never see anyone complaining that they are above a task or that they can’t be bothered to do something. Electricians by trade muck in and help with the garden if they need to and stay late into the night too. True workmanship and that makes it such good viewing. I love the way that they find a commercial electrician in London for example who will help them for free for days, amazing!

The humility of those in need

When people are chosen to appear on the programme they often have been nominated by family or friends and they are always so appreciative and pleased with the results. I love how they always are so shocked that people have done this for them but why not. After all in my opinion charity should start at home with people. It is probably not a popular view but I will always give to charities that help people before animals. Whilst I am vegetarian I ultimately think we should keep people safe and healthy as a priority.

The choices of the designers

Do you, like me, look at the choices the designers make and wish they could redesign your house? They almost always choose great things and really have good style. Of course there are times when I shout at the screen and wonder why oh why they have done something so hideous! I guess we all have different tastes though don’t we.

Do you watch DIY SOS? What do you love about the show? Do you watch things like Grand Designs too and see all the unusual homes? Another one I love but that just makes me want to come into lots of money and have an amazing house too!

Why I love DIY SOS - The big build

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