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Jewellery trends are something of an ever-changing creature, although there are some favourites that seem to crop up again and again. You might not know it, but the gypsy ring is one such example of a jewellery trend that has come back several times in the decades since its invention. This year, gypsy rings set with pearls are the hottest new addition to jewellery and fashion blogs.

What is a Gypsy Ring?

If you’re wondering what even is a gypsy ring, don’t fret, it’s not as bizarre as you might think. The name ‘gypsy ring’ is somewhat disconnected to the ring itself, since it has no known link to Romani peoples. Instead, a gypsy ring is a ring in which the featured gemstone is set straight into the metal of the ring itself. Similar to the bezel or collet setting – where the gemstone is surrounded by metal – the gypsy ring setting style is an exceptionally secure ring design.

Originating as part of the Victorian wardrobe, the gypsy ring was initially a popular men’s ring. Its form typically included a thick yellow gold band that tapered on the inside of the finger, as well as either a single diamond or a row of three spaced-apart diamonds set into the widest section of the band. Women of the era were keen on their gent’s rings, however, and quickly adopted the style for themselves.

At the introduction of the Art Deco design style that occurred in the 1920s, thick, yellow gold bands became less popular. In the mid-century point, around the 1940s and ‘50s, however, gypsy rings once again found popularity. They wavered again in the following decades, only to find their comeback now in the 21st century.

Gypsy Ring Engagement Rings

Because of their practicality and fresh, new feel, gypsy rings have become a popular choice for engagement rings in the last year. With most modern engagement rings using metal claws to hold the diamond in place, it’s understandable that a lot of people see great appeal in a ring as secure as the gypsy ring. Easily the most secure way you could hold a diamond in place, the gypsy ring is secure, unique, and stylish.

When exploring antique gypsy rings, you’re sure to find an enormous selection in terms of gemstones. Obviously, diamonds were the most popular gypsy rings, but there are examples made with sapphire, rubies, emeralds, and more. Equally, the cut of the gemstones involved is also subject to lots of change. Round-cut gemstones are the most common to find in a gypsy ring, but it’s not uncommon to find pear-cut gemstones, marquise-cut, and square-cut gemstones also.

Ultimately, gypsy rings are a good choice to consider for an engagement ring if you are an active, outdoorsy person since the gemstone is extremely secure within the setting. Since the gypsy ring is such a striking style, it is best to confer with your significant other before deciding to surprise them with one though!

Pearl Gypsy Rings

Another big trend happening at the minute is the return of pearl jewellery. Baroque pearls in particular are hot on the scene today, their misshapen beauty impossible to ignore. Pearl gypsy rings are the holy matrimony of these two trends, making for truly unique and stunning jewellery.

As gemstones, pearls are very soft, making them at risk of being scratched or damaged by a variety of things. Having a pearl set into a gypsy ring setting makes it much less likely to face such damage, hence the popularity of the pearl gypsy ring as opposed to other pearl ring settings is understandable. An antique pearl ring in the gypsy setting would be hard to come by, but would surely be stunning.

Caring for pearl jewellery can seem a little intense at times, since too much oxidisation damages pearls, but they still require exposure to oxygen to maintain their natural lustre. The gypsy ring style is quite possibly more beneficial than typical ring styles since the closeness of the setting keeps the pearl out of harm’s way, while still exposing part of it to the open air.

And there we have it – pearl gypsy rings are taking the jewellery world by storm this year. Their unique combination of modern style and antique style leads to jewellery that stands out against the crowd. What gemstone would you want in a gypsy ring?

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