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As my blog is now a business to me I do notice more about website design than I used to. It is so important to have a good looking website when there is so much competition out there. If you go to a website that is hard to navigate, what do you do? Leave of course and go elsewhere to an easier to navigate website.

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Easy to navigate

When you are designing a website you need to make it clear where to find things. This means on the mobile and web version the menu needs to be obvious and work. This sounds silly but I have seen so many websites which miss this simple element.

This does not always mean you need a website builder but it does mean you need to be flexible in how you want it to look and consider usability not just appearance. Asking a friend or family member who has not seen it to look over it can be helpful to see where they struggle to find things.

No down time

Choosing your web site hosting is not as simple a task as you might first think. A company like Silky Ocean Studios is perfect for this. They have a lot of experience and you know you are getting quality and good service. Check reviews and carefully decide based on how much downtime they have, what they can do for you, and their additional charges. Some web hosts charge extra for producing regular back ups of your site while others don’t. You may find cheaper hosts with a lot of down time. If your customer can not get onto your site then you could lose them. This is why this is really important!

Choosing a domain name that works

If you choose a domain name that fits well with who you are or your content this will help with SEO (search engine optimisation). If someone for example searches prom dresses and your website is called prom dress finder you will find you get more traffic than if your website is called choosing a dress. Some website builders can help you with this element too.

Set yourself rules

From the start set yourself rules of how many adverts you feel comfortable with on your website. They can be a great way of earning additional income but too many can detract from the content. If your customers or readers find your pages too full of adverts they could well click off. No one wants that do they?

One way of checking this is when you go to a similar website have a look at how many adverts they have and how you feel as a customer or reader looking at their pages. Do you feel it is easy enough to scroll by them or is there too many? Some niches can naturally have more adverts without being obstructive than others so play around with what works for you.

What do you like in a website? Is there any aspects that you think are important to website design? Do you have any pet peeves? Mine is too many pop ups trying to get you to buy or sign up for things. One or two is ok but sometimes I just click off if I get so many I can not find what I am actually there for!

Why website design is so important

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