We were recently given a package of fibre broadband and a visit from the Wi-Fi Squad from the Post Office in return for sharing with you our experiences of the Wi-Fi squad visit and a further post about the broadband.
I must say initially I was a bit unsure about the idea of the Wi-Fi squad as I have always set up broadband myself and never encountered any problems so despite us receiving this for free I was sceptical that it was an unnecessary cost for most. Is it something I would recommend or an extra that we are sold and don’t need?

Wifi squad engineer looking at router

What do the Wi-Fi Squad do?

The Wi-Fi Squad are highly qualified broadband engineers that come to your house to help you get your broadband up and running. The support offered by the engineer starts by plugging in and connecting up your router if you haven’t done that already or alternatively checking you have done that correctly.

Connecting gadgets can be a stumbling point for some people so the engineer is on hand to help with this too. Whilst these so far are things you can do yourself it is nice to know that people who are less knowledgeable on these things have the support to help them also.

The role of the engineer doesn’t stop there, they also run checks on the speed you are getting on your broadband and if there is anything that could be stopping that being the best it can be. The engineer is able to see if anything is interfering with the signal you have such as baby monitors, neighbours Wi-Fi, and anything else within the area.

If anything like this is causing an issue they can resolve this for you. The engineer also looks at the security of your router and helps you with that and making sure you know how to keep your network safe from hackers etc.

Post office fibre internet router in box

How much is a visit from the Wi-Fi Squad and how do you arrange a visit?

The Wi-Fi squad visit is normally £100 but currently (until 31st January 2018) it is just £40 for a visit and available to new and existing Post Office Broadband customers. It is easy to arrange a visit by calling the squad on 0800 121 7035. Appointments are available 6 days a week, so you can even have someone come out on a Saturday!

If you want to check what sort of speed you should be looking for in a Wi-Fi package based on the people and devices in your house, what kind of things you do online etc then the Post Office have created a great quiz that helps you with this because I know that despite there only being three of us at home we have a lot of devices including Ben playing Xbox online sometimes!

Screenshot of the screen of which computers are logged into my router

What did our engineer do?

Our engineer was lovely and polite which whilst you should always experience this it sadly isn’t always the case is it so for me from that start I was impressed. He did simple things like remove his shoes and close the gate after him but to me things like that add to the customer experience and make all the difference. The first thing he did was check that I had plugged in the router correctly (I didn’t wait for the visit as out Wi-Fi had been connected 3 days before and I would have gone crazy without the internet!).

He checked the speed we were getting and if there was any problems with wiring either in our home, in the street cabinet (The green box at the end of your street or very nearby) or in the exchange and discovered these were all working well. He did this remotely with a clever little handheld device! He checked for any interference from neighbours and said there was none and the speed we are getting is 35mbps. He explained how this works and that with more devices the speed is split so we would generally all get a lower speed but equal speeds.

He checked through the router security and explained how I access this myself. This is nothing I have ever done before but he made it sound very easy and showed me exactly how to do it and he helped me to change the router password from the standard default one to my own. He showed me how to find who is connected to my router and how to ban a device from being connected or just disconnect it if I wish. I was quite impressed by this feature, as a mum I love that I can threaten to restrict Bens internet access if he doesn’t behave! The engineer talked through how to set up the parental controls and time restrictions on the router itself which is a great idea and I wouldn’t have had a clue how to do this otherwise! Our visit lasted 55 minutes, he came at the time arranged and ensured I had no questions before he left.

Wifi squad engineer putting wires in back of router

What did I think to the Wi-Fi Squad visit?

I think whilst some of the things the engineer does on the visit can easily be done yourself there are things that are less easy. If you wouldn’t know how to change the frequency of your Wi-Fi connection, ban certain devices from using your Wi-Fi, or set up parental controls from the router itself then these are some of the things an engineer can help you with. I guess it really depends on your families needs and if you have issues with your connection already. For £40 at the moment it really isn’t much to spend if the engineer can resolve some problems for you. At £100 when the offer finishes I guess it is a bit more but if you want that reassurance that you are getting the best speed and connection you can then that isn’t so much if you think of it over the course of an 18 month contract. Also if you are thinking of changing your package to one which would be faster then before paying out extra every month it would be an idea to check that you can not get a better speed at the price you are already paying!

report showing the wifi speed as 35.1
This report is sent to you showing what they have done and found etc during your visit.

I received a Fibre Broadband and Wi-Fi Squad package in return for my review however all opinions and views above are my own.

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