When I was asked to review the Wingz products http://www.wingzfashion.com/ I was very intrigued. I often have confidence issues with my arms which I know many of my readers do too. We all hate our “bingo wings” don’t we! The idea of being able to buy sleeves that you can add to a dress seems a simple idea but I haven’t really seen anything like this before so was very intrigued at an alternative to wearing a cardigan or shrug. I reviewed them with three friends who all required different sizes to me to give a good balanced view on the fit and comfort of them.

Brunette woman in a black dress standing in front of a white wall
What are Wingz?
They are sleeves that can be assed to dresses or tops that are sleeveless to either change the look or cover your arms. They are available in a variety of styles, colours and sizes so suitable for pretty much everyone. The specific Wingz I have reviewed can be found here 3/4 stretch lace Wingz.
Woman in black dress posing for a photo in front of a white radiator
What was the fit like?
The wingz are available in 4 sizes, 0 (UK 6-10), 1 (UK 12-16), 2 (UK 18-22) and 3 (UK 24-28. I tested the size 0 (wearing a short black dress), Emma (long black dress) the size 1, Lisa (red and black dress) the size 2, and Carly (grey/blue dress) the size 3. We all found they fitted over our arms well and were easy to put on. We did however find that with some dresses where we wanted the sleeves particularly high up to match the shape of the dress (particularly Lisa’s red and black dress) that it would have been handy to be able to adjust the elastic in the middle that goes across the lower part of where your bra sits. This would however be rectified with a couple of stitches or a safety pin if you did have this problem, this issue could also have been caused by Lisa being the lower end of the size bracket. We all found the Wingz comfortable and they stayed in position quite well.
Two women in black and red tops posing for the camera
Uses and alternatives?
Whilst we all agreed that we often would wear a shrug or cardigan with a dress if we wanted to cover our arms we did all find this a great alternative. In the summer if you’re feeling a bit self conscious about your arms it can sometimes look and feel a bit warm wearing an extra layer to cover the arms whereas this would avoid that. We all found that we could think of a number of dresses or situations that we would chose Wingz over a shrug or cardigan and liked the design of this particular one.
Brunette woman in black vest top posing in front of white wall
Is it obvious you are wearing them?
The above photo of me in the same dress and the below photo of Emma in her dress show just how different both our outfits look with the Wingz and particularly with black dresses it is not obvious at all. We also all felt that you wouldn’t really notice if someone had the same Wingz on if they were wearing a different dress as they are so simple and elegant that they make the dress look like it has sleeves so the fear we all have of wearing the same outfit as someone else at an event is minimalized with these.
Woman in black dress posing in front of white radiator
Do they cover the bingo wings?
As you can see by the photos they covered all of our arms well. We all felt that our upper arms were hidden well with them but also still looked pretty. One of the ladies didn’t even want her photo taken without the Wingz on in the dress she was wearing as felt so low in confidence. I think this in itself shows how unique and perfect the Wingz are for women lacking in self confidence.
Black Wingz set on wooden surface
Would you all recommend them?

We all enjoyed trying out the Wingz and as we get to keep them all know we will use them at some point. We would definitely recommend them and for £18.99 for this style it is a good buy when it can transform more than one outfit. The other styles and colours of Wingz vary in price starting at just £9.99 so it is definitely worth considering if like all of us you sometimes want to cover the upper arms!

Where are Wingz available?

At the moment they are only available online at http://www.wingzfashion.com/ however I am sure that as they grow in popularity they will become available elsewhere too.

Please note that Wingz sent me and my friends samples of their products to try out and share with my readers in return for me writing a review of them. I always promise an honest and factual review about my experiences of a product but never guarantee a brand a positive review as I feel it is always important to ensure my readers get my true honest feelings of a product. The feelings above are all my own and that of my friends and were not in any way affected by being gifted the products.

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