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2020 saw most people start working from home and it looks as though this is something that will not only continue for 2021 but for the future in general. It was something that started as a temporary measure and no one knew how long it would go on for.

Remember to rest too and not work too hard, the work ethic is important but so is the rest ethic!

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Now it seems that not only is the virus still very much prevalent meaning that it’s safer to work from home, but many people have seen and enjoyed the benefits of working from home and it’s something they wish to continue doing.

If it’s something that’s going to be more permanent for you, then it’s probably time to move your home office from the kitchen table and get set up properly, so what do you need to get your set up to work from home in 2021? Is working from home helping you save money to put towards a big holiday when all of this is over? I hope so!

A Decent Office Space

If you don’t have the room in your house to dedicate to an office then can you find yourself a corner or a place under the stairs that is just for you and your work? All you really need is a desk and some peace and quiet, plus some electric outlets.

If you have a spare bedroom, could you turn this into an office? You could put the furniture into an All In self storage facility for now to make room and then see how you get on before you make it more permanent. 

Good Technology

Do you have a good internet connection at home? If you want to get your job done just as you would do in the office then you need to have the same access to equipment and software.

It is your employer’s job to make sure you have everything you need to work efficiently from home so if you feel you’re lacking in something then speak to them and see what they can provide for you.

Remember, this is new for them too so they might just have forgotten something or they might still be working on their budget to get everyone a new laptop. 

A routine

Finally, if you’re going to work from home then you need to find yourself a routine that works for you. At the beginning of the pandemic, you might have been enjoying the extra time in bed thanks to no commute, you may have been just rolling out of bed and getting straight to work while still in your pyjamas.

However, if this is going to be more permanent then it’s vital to establish a good routine. Remember that you are still going to work, so you need to get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, and add structure to your day, even though you’re at home.

At the end of the day, when you finish work, it’s important to switch off completely so that your home and work life are separate. Try to keep your personal admin to a minimum during the working day and in the evening when you have finished work, try to avoid checking your emails or going into your office.

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  1. Very true. Now with lock down my office is the school room for my youngest while my oldest is at her desk upstairs leaving me a lap table but I’m setting them up then settling to work each day. I do need to mix personal and work less as I have found myself unable to stop come evening time. Thanks for the read