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Finally embracing the new normal, and currently dreaming of your very own home office? But don’t want to go overboard and stick with a budget? Then I have a solution for you. Follow these cool DIY tips to make your dream work from home office come true.

Weigh the things that you need and those that you just want. A beautiful and functional home office set-up is the dream. 

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Find a Good Space

A great way to start your operation of a dream home office turn to reality is finding a good location in your home. Always remember that comfort is the key. Pick a spot in your home that doesn’t feel like you’re restraining yourself from space. 

You can easily turn your guest bedroom into your home office. But, if you don’t have any extra room, find a good space away from any distractions. Take into consideration the three S’s which are Size, Sound, and Sunlight. 

Play it Right with the Light 

You might think that having good light is not that important in creating your home office space, but it is. The light helps a lot in setting up both your mood and productivity. If you prefer to work in the morning with the natural light coming in, then you might consider setting up your desk close to the window. 

But, investing in a good light can take both your space and productivity to a higher level. Especially if your work mostly at night or would prefer artificial lighting. You can opt for a desk lamp and go extra with the brightest led strip which also helps you save a lot of desk space. A mixture of various types of lamps is also a good choice. This will ensure that you will have a productive and enjoyable work environment. 

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A Good Furniture is your Best Friend

Before divulging into buying new and expensive furniture, evaluate first the ones that you already have. Making your dream home office doesn’t necessarily mean spending a lot of money. Make use of the ones you have in your home and ask yourself if it still serves its purpose. It may not be that stylish anymore and just need a little transformation. You can easily put your creative skills into use. 

You need to consider what desk and seat you will use for yes, it is and will be your best friend. You will be spending if not all, then most of your work and time there. Investing in a good desk is just as equally important as choosing your very own home office chair. 

There are different types of desks that you can search on depending on your needs. As for your chair, make sure that it is comfortable. Opt for an ergonomically designed chair that you can easily adjust. This is a little expensive but will help you maintain proper posture and stay comfortable throughout the day. Remember to go for those that are both stylish but functional. 

Also, here’s a little tip for you. A rug will soften the look of your home office space. Making the ambience more productive but still chill.

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Organizing with a Budget

Having an organized home office space makes your mindset organized. The famous saying goes, “a tidy desk equals a tidy mind” and the trend “less is more” speaks a lot. Keeping things tidy will help you have focused more on your work in the long run. 

Invest in a filing system. It can be some storage boxes or organizer trays. You can check out items from your local stores and even antique shops. You can choose anything that will cater to your needs and your style. Keep only the ones that you need on your desk and put all else at bay but in your storage.

Anything Techy but Tidy 

One of the keys to achieving your Pinterest-inspired home office is through good cable management. It is a good choice to factor in your cable wires properly to avoid having unsightly tangled wires. You can also invest in wireless charging pods.

If your work requires a lot of papers then you might consider buying a wireless printer and external hard drive that can be easily hidden away in a cabinet. Also, to make your working environment cosy where you can listen to music while working then having a Bluetooth speaker is a must.

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Mark your work from home office as your very own 

A true dream home office is the one that you can call your own. After all, it is still your personal space so make sure to also put a mark on things that inspire you. This is actually where the fun starts because you can design it however you want it. Compared to having your desk in an actual office space, this is the time to make your statement without any limit and judgments from your co-office workers. 

You can hang your favourite photos with your loved ones on a wireframe or pegboard and you can also put quotes that motivate you. Adding a little bit of green to your workspace is also a great choice. Mini indoor plants for terrarium make you feel more zen and relaxed. You can also opt for a DIY project that you love and put on display. Just do you.

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Stop avoiding your task and start working now on your dream work-from-home office. Do not forget to choose comfort over style or maybe both. Just do what you like so that you can also enjoy what you do. Have fun!

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