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The world seems to be changing so much doesn’t it? Not just with the pandemic but also as technology changes more people are working from home.

If you have found yourself in the position where you will be permanently working from home not just as a temporary measure then these tips should help.

laptop, notebook, glasses and coffee

Choose surroundings that work for you

It is really important to work in an environment that allows you to concentrate but also be comfortable. If you are working for 8 hours a day then you will soon have problems working from the sofa.

With a few simple purchases and lots of thought, you can make the perfect environment for you.

Make a permanent space for you to work. If you do not have space for a desk then a dining table could work but allocate a shelf perhaps for your work items to make it easy to get them out and then put them away. There are many ways to make your work area fun yet professional.

A workspace means you can easily close the door, even if only metaphorically, after a busy day. There is so much to be said for putting your work away and relaxing properly with no temptation to do “just a bit more”.

Could you consider garden office sheds? There are so many lovely ones available now you really would have a lovely building in your garden, not just a wooden shed.

You can make it your own office space and when the weather is nice easily move into the garden to work.

Garden renovation end result

Buy the right equipment for working from home

There is no reason you need to struggle when there are so many office chairs and desks available you are sure to find one to meet your needs. I have a large desk and two additional screens so with my laptop too I have a massive workstation and can really multitask.

That said, sometimes I have to work on one screen and shop on another, adding items to my food order as I think of them!

A simple monitor raiser can make all the difference to your comfort and as such your productivity.

If you are buying a printer be sure to get one that is not just good value for money but also does not guzzle ink.

Working from home seems so much more expensive if you are forever buying things like ink and such. My printer is amazing and uses £10 of ink for around 2000 sheets! Definitely worth the money!

Use your time wisely

By using your time carefully and meal planning you could actually have more time to yourself now you are working from home. Instead of having an hour lunch break why not have 1 hr 15 minutes and after putting your washing in the machine before work in the morning you can hang it out at lunchtime?

Screen breaks can be good for using to write a shopping list or perhaps having a shower. The advantage of working from home is you can organise your time in the way that suits you best.

If that means working for an hour in the morning before a shower then that is your choice.

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  1. Great advice Jen and often simple reminders really make a difference.
    Working at home you sometimes forget the lunchbreak and important we do have a break and manage our time to also get that extra task done.
    I love it !