I am often asked by fellow mums how I manage to work from home around Ben. It has its ups and downs but I thought I would share with you five little tips which may help you and five things I would love to get to make working from home easier.

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If you are looking for work from home opportunities remember that many are MLM companies where you will only make money if you recruit others to sell.

Think about if you have a big circle of friends or neighbours who would genuinely buy from you. If they would only buy once in a while could you realistically make an income this way?

I am not trying to say all work from home opportunities are not realistic earnings so do your research! Did you know you can get paid for posting on forums? This might work for you? When looking for something to do yourself it is important you consider a few simple things.

Things to consider when looking to work from home

  • Do you have the space to work from? This may only be a laptop job however if like me you also receive lots of parcels you need to consider this.
  • Will you feel lonely without colleagues? It can be really quite isolating working from home. This is something to consider and ensure you build time into your week to see people.
  • Are you motivated enough? It is hard work keeping to any deadlines and motivating yourself when you would rather curl up on the sofa. If you don’t think you could motivate yourself maybe this isn’t the job for you? Give it some thought. Remember the hidden hours you will put in doing accounts etc.
  • How will you cope with the school holidays, when your children are ill or when you are unwell? Have a think about these things and what support you have in place. How well could you shuffle things around?
  • If you want to do blogging have a good think about all the aspects of it and if you would enjoy it. So many people say they should do it for “free” products. These are earnt usually so not free and it can be a lot of work. It won’t happen immediately and you need to really be able to push yourself forward too. Check out this post for more about getting into blogging if you’re thinking about it.
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Turning our spare bedroom into an office – my wish-list

I would love to have a separate office that I can really kit out properly as an office. In the meantime I would love to turn our spare room into an office and guest room combined. It isn’t very big, but here are my ideas of what I would love to buy to make it happen.

  • A better laptop – I know this isn’t exactly to do with transforming the spare room but we all deserve a treat and break from furniture shopping! I would love this one from Currys, I have heard so many good things about them but just don’t have the money to buy one at the moment.
  • A Guest Bed – At the moment we have a pretty rubbish sofa bed which isn’t comfy so then have an airbed on top of it when people stay. I would love this day bed as a guest bed. It doesn’t take up too much space and looks nice. The bonus being I can sit on the sofa to work when I’m bored of being at my desk!
  • A Desk – Obviously a spare room/office needs to have a desk. I would look for a simple but stylish one that could double up as a nice table for guests to do makeup at or put things on. This one is the kind of style I love as I think it would really look nice both ways and doesn’t take up too much space.
  • A Comfortable but stylish chair – I would have a really nice one that makes me feel like Lord Sugar on The Apprentice! When I think of that show I really feel full of motivation to make my millions. I can’t wait for the next series!
  • A Novelty item – All desks need something novelty don’t they and I love this excuses flipbook from Studio. It isn’t the same when you work from yourself but sometimes you need something silly to relieve that odd bit of stress!

Do you work from home? Do comment and let me know what you do I would love to know more about my readers. Or do you want from home but worry you couldn’t?

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