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Even if you aren’t a fan of fitness, or previously had no weight loss goals, the last 6 months of what has felt like Groundhog Day for many has left some people looking in the mirror and wondering what on earth happened! These workout essentials will help you get back into exercise.

workout equipment and bathroom scales

Well the not so secret truth is with many of us working from home, and spending our free time inside, we have neglected any physical activity, maybe not completely out of our own choice, and comfort eating and eating between meals, as the pesky fridge is not far out of sight, which has resulted in many of us acquiring a physique that we are not over keen on. Now the time has come where we are allowed a little bit of freedom, although this is now being questioned after the latest guidance was announced, I thought it would be good to go through a few different types of outfits to wear when you are exercising.

Smart Watch

No workout would be complete these days without technology to help you along the way. There are so many fitness apps and devices that are designed with the sole purpose of helping you get the most out of your exercise. From fitness apps to fitness trackers the smart gym technology market has boomed as fitness and exercise has become a popular pastime. A smartwatch has quickly become one of those workout essentials. The benefits of using a smartwatch are vast from keeping track of your progress to monitoring your heart rate!


If your exercise regime involved the outdoors you find yourself reaching for trousers now the nights are drawing in and the weather is cooling down. Trousers are great for providing warmth and protection from the elements, but when choosing your next pair keep the activities you will be wearing them for in mind. Avoid long or wide-legged trousers if you enjoy cycling as these can get caught in your bicycle chain, or if running is your activity a loose legged trouser could create unnecessary drag in the wind or get caught on low lying branches in the woods.


Anyone who leaves the house early in the morning knows the perils of a cold winter jog, too cold for a t shirt and leggings, and a jacket is likely to cause you to overheat, so what are your options? Well, a hoodie is a great solution as it will keep you warm, and dry thanks to the hood, but won’t cause you to get too hot during your exercise. And what’s more is you can find all varieties of hoodies from Sherpa lined to think polyester activewear garments as well as a huge variety of patterns and colours, and thanks to personalised clothing companies like Banana Moon Clothing you can choose a hoodie that suits your needs and add your own text or designs to add a little personality to your workouts.

Water Bottle

We are all guilty of not drinking enough water and when we exercise we need to ensure we stay hydrated during before and after. A great way to do this is by keeping a water bottle with you at all times helping you remind yourself to get the daily recommended amount. This is one of those workout essentials you really should not overlook!


Trainer choice is key in maintaining injury-free exercise and when selecting a pair of trainers for exercising the choice you make requires a lot of thought, for example, if you are keen on running and spend time on the treadmill you definitely need shoes designed for running, as this will help reduce overpronation which can result in leg injuries. 

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