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Life in lockdown is different for everyone, but most of us are struggling at least some of the time. Even if you are enjoying the extra time with your family, you might be missing going out with your friends, and your exercise routines are bound to have changed. Have you considered yoga? You don’t need special yoga wear but you could always use these yoga kit buying tips to help you choose something you like.

An alternative to the gym

You might not be able to hit the gym as you once would, go to all of your favourite exercise classes, or even run in your usual locations. This might be hurting your physical and mental health. 

While most of us appreciate that the simple act of staying at home is necessary to protect the health service, our families, and the lives of other people, it’s not always as easy as it sounds. A lack of exercise and social activities might be starting to get you down. Yoga could be a massive help. You can achieve a vast body transformation with yoga, but it has many other benefits too and is the perfect exercise if you are struggling with life in lockdown. 

It Will Tone Your Body

It is a fantastic, strengthening exercise. While the movements can seem gentle, and sometimes even small, it doesn’t just improve your flexibility. It also uses your muscles in new ways, working them, and forcing them to hold new shapes. Most practicers use more muscles than you might imagine, and it’s not uncommon for people that enjoy regular yoga practice to be toned and strong. 

Yoga is Great for Stress Relief

If you are feeling stressed out, tense, and anxious, you certainly aren’t alone. Many of us are confused and worried or feel as though we go through a rollercoaster of emotions on a daily basis. Yoga can help to relieve this stress and tension. It gives you some time to think, to focus on your breathing, body, and thoughts, and remove any negativity. 

It Will Help You Sleep

You might be struggling to sleep if you are worried, or if your body isn’t moving as much as it’s used to. Yoga practice can help on both fronts, and a focused bedtime practice could be especially beneficial. 

Practicing Yoga Regularly Could Boost Your Cardio Fitness

Yoga might not be something that you associate with a cardio workout. But some forms, such as power yoga, get your heart beating faster, and could boost your cardio fitness over time. It could also improve your heart health by helping you to manage your weight

It’s Easy To Target Specific Areas

Neck hurting? There’s a yoga practice for that. Need help with digestion? There’s a practice for that too. Are you struggling to focus and concentrate at home? You guessed it; there’s a yoga practice that could help you. With yoga, it’s easy to target specific needs, whether it’s a focus on areas of your body or something you want to improve on mentally. 

You Don’t Need Anything

One of the best reasons to get into yoga now is that you don’t need anything. Sure, a yoga mat would be beneficial, but standing practices could be practised on the floor, and lying on a rug or blanket could be ideal for floor work. Make do with what you’ve got, or order a mat online. You don’t need anything else to enjoy it. Yoga mats don’t take much space so it is an easy exercise to start.

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