When Zenflore approached me and asked me to share their product with you I was intrigued. As I have shared many times before I struggle with depression and have done for all my adult life. The idea of something new to try is always welcomed.

In a way of honesty, I need to tell you I was paid for this collaboration. All views are my own and information is from the Zenflore website.

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What is Zenflore?

For quite some time it has been known that b vitamins can be useful in helping your mental health. More such that a deficiency in them can cause issues.

Zenflore contains specially selected b vitamins to try to help minimise the chance of you suffering a deficiency. Zenflore also contains something called 1714-Serenitas which is said on their website to be a good bacteria that is given naturally from a mother to her baby at birth.

Obviously, I am no scientist and can’t verify this but it sounds pretty good.

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The purpose of Zenflore

Zenflore has been formulated to ensure that good bacteria and vitamins are taken daily to help those dealing with everyday stress.

It is not a medicine and of course, like anything you should ask your GP’s opinion of them before starting them.

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My experiences with Zenflore

I have ups and downs regularly in my depression so it is hard to tell in the space of one month whether taking Zenflore has made any difference.

One of the claims on their website is that it could help you to reduce fatigue and improve mental performance.

I always struggle with fatigue due to my fibromyalgia and depression and in the space of one month, it was hard to tell if this was any different.

During the course of taking them, I did however notice that my Fitbit recorded me as having a little more deep sleep per night (about 20 minutes more) and a little less light sleep.

I did not feel any difference, however, seemed to have much more vivid dreams. Again I am not sure how much I can attribute this to Zenflore and not by chance.

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My Overall opinions of Zenflore

I love the way it has been discovered and developed by scientists and that thought has been put into the contents to include b vitamins known to have links to mental health.

Everyone’s experience of Zenflore of course will be different however it appears my sleep may have been affected by taking Zenflore.

I am not a doctor or scientist so can not give you an opinion on the genuine effectiveness and guess that the choice is of course yours whether you feel it could help you.

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Where can it be purchased?

Zenflore has been formulated by PrecisionBiotics and is available there for £29.99. This is for 30 Capsules, as such one month’s supply. It can also be purchased on Amazon.

Important Disclaimer

Remember I am not a doctor or scientist and all claims made by PrecisionBiotics about Zenflore are done by the brand and not myself. I have shared with you only my thoughts and experiences.

If you are considering taking anything new you should always seek medical advice and make your decision based on that.

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