I was recently sent the ZeroWater water filter jug to try out and share with you guys. I must say I was a little unsure what to expect as I had seen a video of Phillip Schofield using it to turn red wine into water!

ZeroWater filter in blue colour with a white lid. Comes with a water quality meter to test the quality of your water.

The ZeroWater filter uses 5 stages of filtration and even comes with a water quality meter to test the quality of your water.

I put it to the test in the video below.

My thoughts of the ZeroWater Filter

I actually was quite impressed by the amount that the filter removed from the liquids tested. The quality was visible both in the colour of the liquid in the case of the Pepsi Max, and with the water quality meter for both water and Pepsi Max. Remember though if you like your Pepsi Max or wine then don’t test much in the filter or you will end up with expensive water!

How much is the jug?

On Amazon the Zerowater filter in this 12 cup size is available for £39.99. A 4 pack of the replacement cartridges is £49.99. Whilst this does seem expensive I guess it depends how much you want well-filtered water and how long the filters last.

It is hard to say how long the filters last with reviews on Amazon being very mixed so time will tell but it is a nice looking jug. The jug holds the water waiting to be filtered securely whilst you pour out filtered water so there is no need to wait for all the water to be filtered before you use it.

If you like to read reviews then do check out other reviews I have written in my dedicated review section. I am always open and honest about products I am sent so you can be guaranteed to read what I truly think of a product!

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