I know it is only September but it is almost October and in my eyes that is time to start preparing for Christmas. The shops are ready too and I spied a Thorntons Advent Calendar yesterday which I loved the look of. The supermarkets are starting to get cards in but otherwise Christmas is still a long way off isn’t it?

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Soup can be a lovely meal when it is freezing outside and you just want to have a easy warming snack. Here I thought I would share with you my favourite healthy soups which are all made from scratch so healthy and Slimming World friendly but remember to check them for whatever plan you follow to protect your weight losses.

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When I was asked to review the Do The Unthinkable plan from Musclefood I must admit I didn’t know much about it. I know how popular the range of meats available to order from Musclefood are. Incidentally have you seen their Slimming friendly hampers with huge boxes full of meat direct to your door for £45 upwards? Definitely a good freezer filler. Anyway I digress, the Do The Unthinkable Plan, is designed for weight loss, muscle building, getting toned or “getting ripped”. I was interested to have a look and see what it was all about. The plan includes meals delivered to your door and exercises.

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It has been a good few years now since I started the new healthy lifestyle. Whilst I have some ups and downs that tends to predominantly involve snacking. I still cook healthy meals and use some rather nifty gadgets along the way. I thought I would share my favourites with you in case there is something you don’t have but like the idea of. Also a few I really could live without that just gather dust!

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When I first saw the adverts on TV for Smarty I was a bit dubious as it sounded too good to be true. I have however looked into it and think it sounds amazing. When they asked me to share it with you guys I thought why not. We all love saving money don’t we.

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When I was young I really wanted to be a journalist. I had some articles published in a national children’s newspaper called The Early Times. Over the years my dreams changed a little and I tried out other ideas including studying Psychology at university. Now as a blogger I feel like I have come full circle and I am pretty much the journalist I once dreamed of. Obviously I work from home but if/when I make it really big I will have my own office somewhere and employ staff etc. As you know I like dreaming and sharing wish lists with you so I thought I would share my ideas for this big office rather than one in the spare room.

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Have you ever worn Spanx? You know the underwear that sucks you in and smooths you out? There are lots of cheaper brands that do similar things but until last weekend I had never tried Spanx and as such wasn’t a fan of control underwear. My first real Spanx changed that view entirely and I just had to share with you why.

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We’ve all done it haven’t we, told a partner that we have had a bag for years when we buy something new or told a white lie about how much it cost. After all everyone deserves a treat don’t they? If you earn your money you can spend it as you wish cant you? Or maybe you believe every penny should be accounted for and discussed? Are you in the minority or majority in your opinions? After reading some recent research I was quite puzzled by some of the statistics and thought I would share them with you.

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Do you have a child with eczema? Ben has had eczema since he was a small baby. At a few weeks old his skin was covered in tiny spots predominantly on his hands and feet. This was diagnosed as Dyshidrotic Eczema. Now at 12 Ben has grown out of it a little and using a few strategies to help, the symptoms are now minimal. As it is National Eczema Week this week (17th September onwards) I thought I would share with you some tips I have discovered along the way.

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Blogging is pretty hard at times. Knowing how open to be with your readers and when to shut up. I never have any idea if I am doing it right or not so do appreciate your comments and input. I know I have been a bit up and down with talking about how I am doing in many respects lately. So, I thought you guys deserved a more personal post. I have shared some things on my Facebook page and in Facebook live chats. I know not all of you use Facebook though.

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