When you are trying to lose weight or just to maintain the weight you have lost the way you start a day can make all the difference. Here I will share with you five things to do every morning to help you start the day healthily and start as you mean to go on.

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I am often asked by friends and fellow bloggers how I have gone about turning blogging from a hobby into my job. It will be 3 years in a few months since I started blogging and there have been so many changes along the way. Initially I blogged for a hobby, a way of sharing my experiences and posted only once a week. I knew some bloggers earnt money from their blogs and hoped maybe one day that would be me but was happy just sharing my story. So what changed? How have I gone from that to blogging most days and earning a reasonable income from it?

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When I was given the chance to choose some clothes for Stuart from Jacamo I thought what a fun idea. Jacamo does clothes from size small to 5XL. I knew despite him having gained a little weight lately (like me!) I would find something stylish that he would love.

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I am one of those people who sit and daydream. I love my blog and would love to think one day I will make my first million. I know the reality is really slim but hey I can dream. Of course when you dream about the future you have big ideas and that it could actually happen. So here I thought I would share with you my plans and dreams for when I do make that million.

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Have you ever noticed how cheap vinegar is? I have read before how many amazing uses there are for vinegar but can never remember very many so I decided to ask some fellow bloggers for their tips and combine them into a post for you guys. Lets face it we all are likely to have vinegar in the house and most of us like a bargain. If we can find new uses for vinegar that mean saving money elsewhere it has to be a win win doesn’t it.

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I have clutter everywhere and I am also a bit of a hoarder so decluttering is something I really need to get on top of. I have been gradually trying to declutter and thought I would share with you some tips I have found helpful. They don’t mean you have to throw away all those sentimental things because you don’t need to. They do however mean you have to think realistically about how much you use things. Be brave and remember if you want to have a clutter free house you have to be ruthless.

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I know it is only August but if you are shopping on a budget or super organised you could well be thinking about Christmas already. It is always so much easier when you plan in advance who you are buying for and what you may buy then just tick off the list as you go. This is what I do anyway and find it also stops you from getting to December and realising you have three gifts for one person as you kept forgetting you had bought things! Who do you dread shopping for? I imagine it is a man as they are so difficult aren’t they!

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I have had mental health issues since I was young. I guess now I would be considered as having chronic depression and anxiety with a little PTSD thrown in for good measure. There have been times where I have had talking therapies and times I have been on medication. In fact most of my adult life I have been on medication for my mental health. I have never felt perfectly okay. Knowing that is a strange feeling and I want to share that with you in this post. Maybe it will help someone else to see they are okay with not being okay.

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One of the weird and wonderful things I had never heard of before I joined Slimming World but it became quite a staple in my diet and helped me lose so much weight I am sure. When I first started my blog back in autumn 2015 one of my first posts was about Quark and its uses and as it has always been popular so I thought I would write a new more detailed one! So here are a variety of Quark recipes from Pasta to desserts.

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As you all know I only have a boy and Ben is 12 now and to be honest far from little. Ben now wears men’s size medium or large clothes and is almost as tall as me (I am 5ft 9.5″). I am more than happy with just Ben however there is a little bit of me that would love a little girl just because girls clothes are so cute. I think I will settle with just looking at the girly clothes once in a while when I go shopping! My youngest niece is gorgeous as I am sure you will agree so I can buy her and my other niece who is slightly older girly things!

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