Are you like me and a bit rubbish when it comes to cars? I tend to leave it to the professionals on the whole when it comes to anything linked to the car. I’m ashamed to admit this even includes filling the tyres with air! I know Stuart could do it for me and I am sure he would but hey it is just as easy to get someone to do it for me! There are some really simple things that you can do to check your car over before we get hit by snow, slush and ice! Or in my case things you should ask others to check for you!

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I absolutely love cooking a Christmas dinner but was excited to try the Simplicity box from Donald Russell when we were asked to review it. Essentially it is a Christmas dinner that comes all ready to cook in an hour! How easy is that?

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We all have these dreams don’t we? Usually when we buy tickets for the lottery or see quiz shows on the TV. The reality is whether it be holidays, cars, or houses we all know exactly what our first purchase would be! What would yours be?

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As my regular readers will know, I have been a vegetarian since I was 10 years old. If you are not trying failing miserably to lose weight there are so many options available to you. Usually it is only eating out which can prove difficult with often few choices. Here I thought I would share with you some of my favourite choices for Christmas if you are vegetarian or maybe you are cooking for a vegetarian.

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Sometimes I don’t feel very Christmassy. This year I am really not feeling it at all. We don’t have our tree up yet and whilst I have bought the Christmas cards I haven’t written them. I was thinking about how I could get more into the Christmas spirit and thought I would share some fun ideas with you! Are you like me and have ordered all your gifts online but not considered wrapping yet?

elf putting glitter onto a sprout!
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Do you have a teenager who would love to create their own animation? Or maybe a younger child who would do this with some help? The Zu3D animation kit is amazing and I am sure they would love it. We reviewed it over on the blog here.

zu3d animation kit and contents
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Here I have a guest post from Suzy who blogs over at Our Bucket List Lives. She shares with you some tips for choosing a holiday that will help you relax especially if you, like me have some mental health difficulties. Do pop over and check out her blog too as its great. Now over to Suzy.

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It isn’t often that something is great for supporting you to be healthy over the winter months and also perfect in cocktails is it? Unfortunately Vodka doesn’t do that! Ocean Spray Cranberry does though and with all the current concerns over plastic in the oceans I was pleased to discover their new look bottles are recyclable too. They are made from PET which when recycled can be made into a whole host of things such as carpets, clothing and even pillows. So according to Wikipedia you could be sleeping essentially on someone’s old PET drinks bottle! This sort of thing always fascinates me!

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Here I have a fantastic guest post for you from a blogging friend who has written about going vegan. This si something that has always interested me and I know some of you readers have thought about it too. I am still recovering from my operation so work is minimal and this proves a great read. Sophie Mei Lan is a fantastic blogger who also has an extremely popular YouTube Channel, Facebook Page, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. Do pop and say hi if you enjoy this post. For now I will hand you over to Sophie.

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This is a sponsored post which means I have been paid a little to include something within the post for example a link. All views however are my own and holidays I would love to go on!


As you know I am back to trying to lose weight and get back into my bikinis again. I have been thinking of the sorts of holidays I would love to go on when I am back into feeling good about my body. Obviously this mini bucket list also implies I have unlimited money as lets face it we often have to chose holidays based on out budgets at the time!

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