Recently I have been looking for a gym to join and I am still very undecided about what is right for me. I also am wondering if getting back into running is better than the gym too. It is a decision I am so undecided on but I thought I would share with you 9 things to consider before you join a gym.

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The Contract

  • Can you afford it? If there is an introductory offer can you afford the full price?
  • How long is the contract? Will you realistically go for that long?

The Location

  • Is it somewhere you will put off going because of the traffic at certain times of the day?
  • Will you realistically walk or drive there as often as you plan? Even when the weather is bad?

The Classes

  • Do they hold classes you are interested in at times to suit you?
  • Will you even do classes? If not then maybe join a gym where classes aren’t included in the price so it’s cheaper?
  • Do you have to pay extra for classes? If so work out the total monthly cost and see if it still appeals.
  • Will you go alone? If not do you have friends at that gym?

The Facilities

  • Go for a visit at the sort of time you would want to go. Is there enough equipment or would you be waiting for treadmills for example?
  • Do you want a gym with a swimming pool and sauna?

Their Other Branches

  • If you were to change jobs or move house would they cancel your membership or could this cause stress? Do they have other suitable branches?
  • Do you ever work away? If so do they have a branch there?

Your Job

  • Do any of the local gyms (don’t forget to check council-run ones) offer a discount for people who work where you do?

Home Equipment

  • Are you only joining for one piece of equipment? Would it be cheaper to buy or hire that piece alone?

Friends and Family

  • Do they go somewhere you want to go? Do you want to avoid them or work out together? Ask around before you join.
  • Sometimes friends or family get a bonus for referring a friend or can get you a discount so this is worth checking too.

Try it first

  • Most gyms will let you have a day trial or even a weekend trial. Take advantage of this if you don’t get the right feeling for the place don’t join!
  • Check online, phone up, and ask friends, some offers for free trials are only on their website or social media. Have a good look so you don’t miss out.

Whatever you do give it some thought. Don’t do what I have done in the past and join but then never go. £35 a month might not seem too bad but if you go for one month of a 12-month contract then it’s expensive! Give it some thought and don’t be a Jen, only join if you are going to stick to it! #don’tbeaJen

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