Here is a selection of my main articles about exercise if you are looking to begin exercise as part of your weight loss plan.

Remember if you are very overweight use these tips to start exercising gradually and safely.

Choosing exercise for weight loss

If you are looking to exercise for weight loss it is important to choose something you will enjoy. Equally, it may influence you to know how many calories each of your preferred exercises burn. Use my exercise calorie calculator to help you to see how many calories different exercises can burn.

Different exercise for weight loss ideas

I have a number of guides to help you get started with exercise. Here are some of my most popular.

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Shopping guides for exercising

If you want to buy something to help you lose weight and start exercising these guides may help.

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I started running after I had lost a lot of weight, here are some articles to help you if you would like to start running.


Is yoga the exercise for weight loss that would suit you? Here are some yoga-related articles to help you decide.


Have you considered riding a bike as a form of exercise? Here are some articles which may help you.