A full exercise routine is not recommended as exercises for overweight people who have not exercised before or for some time. But there are simple exercises that can help get anyone to get back into shape.

After years of eating a poor diet and neglect of physical health, many find themselves overweight and hoping to shed pounds with some exercise.

As they’ve likely never exercised, getting back into shape often appears to be impossible. Whatever your size or shape with a bit of common sense and following this advice you should be exercising in no time.

group of ladies ready to do exercise

First, you need to take a logical approach to exercise. Reaching for ten-pound weights and running the treadmill at the local gym is not recommended except for those who are already fit and trim.

Starting gradually and building up is so much better for your health and mental well-being.

Before you exercise

If you are quite overweight or have any health conditions you really should consult a doctor to get a full analysis of the current state of health and what approach is the best, in their opinion, for getting back into shape.

Obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, and other health problems could mean that however fit you become a marathon is out of the question for many.

Don’t let this put you off, things can change as you get fitter so you can always ask for another opinion when you are fitter and thinner.

Exercises for overweight people must start slow. After a consultation with the doctor, a fitness instructor can help create a tailor-made program. Fitness also requires a healthy diet with healthy meal plans as both the diet and exercise go together.

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Getting Fit With Easy Sit-Down Exercises for overweight people

For those who are morbidly obese, some sit-down exercises are a good place to start. Arm and leg lifts, light back, and knee bends can be beneficial so long as the exercises don’t put too much pressure on your heart in one go.

Mini exercise bikes that work whilst sitting in a normal chair aren’t expensive but help strengthen ankle and leg muscles while seated. They can even be used at work.

Many come with tension adjustments, alternatively, start gently on an exercise bike. There are some suitable for people who weigh more than average so do check out these high-weight capacity exercise bikes.

exercise bike for overweight

Losing Weight by Taking a Walk

Walking is the simplest and best way to get back into shape. Again, depending on the current state of health, a walk may mean no more than a casual stroll to the street corner which can be increased as health improves.

Thirty minutes a day is ideal for most people to stay in shape. Getting in shape means taking every opportunity to take a hike.

It will take more time to work up to good health in an overweight condition. Activity is the key. Rather than the customary coffee break or the one-hour lunch, a leisurely walk outdoors at work and at home will improve circulation and allow the body to detoxify.

If you work from home or do not get out much then you could consider investing in a treadmill.

Again there are some treadmills designed specifically for those who weigh more so do check them out.

Pool Exercises for Balance and Weight Control

Pool exercises for overweight people are popular with many suggestions used for physiotherapy and also good for weight loss.

The buoyancy of the water translates to less pressure on ankle and knee joints and less chance of injury.

Many seniors suffering from arthritis and mobility problems increase blood flow, strength, and mobility while having fun in the pool.

Simple exercises include stretching, leg lifts, standing breaststrokes, kicks, and light jumps. Workouts in the pool increase the heart rate and blood flow. A further advantage is an increase in muscle mass.

There are plus-size swimwear and plus-size wetsuits available so try not to use that as an excuse.

swimming is an easy exercise for overweight people

Shedding Pounds by Climbing Stairs

Stair climbing is only recommended for those who have gained back some mobility and lost some weight.

Climbing the stairs to the office instead of taking the lift increases the heart rate and can be made into a fitness challenge.

If you do this every day, think of the difference it could make. Climbing more stairs without getting winded can become fun and increase the urge to climb further than the week before.

This is one of my favourite exercises for overweight people to easily build into their day-to-day life.

lots of stairs perfect for exercises for overweight people to choose these instead of the lift

Home Workouts with the Family

The home environment is one of the best ways to get into shape, as it can be made into a family affair. Climbing stairs, dancing to music, tai chi, etc are all excellent forms of low-impact exercise. The Ring Fit game for Nintendo Switch is great for family exercise too.

As health improves, lightweight dumbbells or an exercise ball can help increase muscle mass and balance. Working out at home doesn’t require any fancy equipment and requires only 20 minutes to do.

Family exercising together

Tensing and Relaxing Muscle Groups

It’s an exercise that can easily be done anywhere, at any time. Tensing and relaxing muscle groups in the body help to strengthen them without putting them under undue strain.

Stretching is another simple exercise that can be performed along with tensing. It increases flexibility and provides a break from the long hours spent sitting at the desk.

Exercises for overweight people, like this lady doing a stretch should be built up gradually

Using the Power of Visualization

Athletes often visualise their moves in their minds before they start an activity. It has been shown that visualising causes the appropriate muscles to contract and relax in accordance with what is being imagined.

A further benefit that comes with visualising is that it provides the incentive to lose weight when the picture of a slimmer you is kept in mind. Any goal conceived in the mind moves to action.

The whole concept of visualising sounds bizarre but it actually can really help. Give it a try and see how you get on!

overweight lady stanbding in front of white wall

Getting started

It’s always difficult to start an exercise routine in the beginning stages of weight loss. But persistence is the key. The consequences of disease and a shortened lifespan are simply too hard to ignore.

Exercise equipment for plus-size people

If you are worried about exercise equipment with a high weight capacity then don’t panic, check the two articles below as both have some great choices to help, click the image if you want to see what I have found for you.

Best treadmills with a high weight capacity
Best exercise bikes with a high weight capacity

Buying the right exercise clothing

Whilst I know it is easy to squeeze into a slightly smaller size for day-to-day clothes this really should be avoided with exercise clothes. You need to be in well-fitting comfortable clothes to get the most from your exercise.

There is no reason you need to get proper workout clothes straight away as long as you are comfortable. When you are ready for exercise clothing be sure to buy enough to wash because once you get the exercise bug you will be wanting to do more and more!

Plus size women’s fitness clothing

The fitness and activewear clothing from Yours is great with sizes up to size 30!

If you like funky leggings then you should definitely consider Locket Loves, they are so comfortable and go up to size 26. If you use my referral then you can get £5 off and I get some money to spend on more leggings too! I practically live in them now so a new pair will never go amiss!

The right underwear

When exercising the right underwear is really important, it holds you in and stops you from giving yourself black eyes but also makes sure you are comfortable, not to mention keeping any leaks private.

If you have had children or are getting older and your pelvic floor isn’t what it was then some good knickers like these Sporty high waist knickers from BP3 could be perfect for you as they are comfortable and absorb light leaks! They go up to size 30 too!

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