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In the winter and spring we often start thinking of home improvements. We have spent so long in the house in the cold we notice all the things that we want to change and update. Here are a few tips to help you save money when you are doing some updates and renovations to make your dream home.

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Tips to save you money on home renovations

Have a budget and stick to it

Look realistically at what you can and can not afford. There is no reason that you can’t have your dream home but don’t get in debt for it! Drawing up a simple spreadsheet comparing the money you have coming in, to the money you have going out can tell you whether it is just savings you have to spend or if you have extra each month too.

Be realistic when you allocate money for different items and find the actual price, don’t guess!

Sell what you no longer will be needing

If you are completely redoing your lounge with new furniture then factor in if you can sell your current shelves, lamps etc. Whilst you might not be able to sell them until nearer the time this could help buy any extras you didn’t have the budget for.

Look for classical styles

If you can not afford to update your rooms often then going for classical styles is money saving because it will not get outdated. You can always add fashionable extra touches but keep the expensive buys of a classical design.

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Shop around for carpets and flooring

Most towns have one or two carpet/flooring shops but that doesn’t mean they are your only choices. Many online stores offer free samples so you can see and feel the quality yourself and decide if it is right for you without the sales staff upselling!

If you spot the perfect designer carpet somewhere then shop around for the exact same one at the best price. A great place to start is Designer Carpet who also have room size remnants so ideal if you want a carpet for a particular space. You could also fit your own carpet to save money!

Check out storage solutions

Sometimes making your house look more up to date can be as simple as decluttering and finding better storage solutions. These from IKEA are perfect and hold so much! Buying something simple like this could change the look of a room instantly!

Use family and friends instead of professionals

If you have a family member like my step-dad who is really good at DIY then asking them to help you even for a small payment or a meal could save you so much money in the long run. Just because you can not do something yourself does not mean you have to pay someone to do it!

Reuse what you have

Do you need new worktops or kitchen cupboards? Have you seen some of the ways you can cover them to look amazing and for a fraction of the price of new ones? If the carcass of the cupboards and drawers are good still this could be the best option for you.

Another option is to buy good paint to repaint your furniture. So many people do this to save money and it can look amazing. What about revamping your light shades?

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Plan to do it bit by bit

When you calculated your budget did you find you have some money left over monthly? Maybe you could plan ahead to do some home improvements now and then put some money aside and do more in a few months.

If you do it this way you will inevitably save money as not only will you only use the money you have but you will also give yourself plenty of time to shop around for the best prices.

Work around the sales

Think about when shops you will be using always have sales on. For example, we all know that DFS has a sale every January and most bank holidays. Whatever you do, don’t go shopping there at another time of year if you can avoid it or you will be spending more.

Check for loyalty discounts and cashback sites

When you are making a big purchase online some stores will give you a loyalty discount or a quick google could find that they have a card you could get first to save money.

The IKEA family card is like this and some items can be cheaper with it but it is free to sign up for. I also love it as using it means your items are guaranteed until you get home so if you drop a vase or something you can take it back for a new one!

Do you have any tips to share in the comments below to save money on home improvements?

10 ways to save money on your home improvements

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