A healthy balanced lifestyle takes work, I admit. But there are some common healthy balanced lifestyle myths that seem to come out of everyone’s mouth at some point that is worth busting for good.

That is because, in a nutshell, to have a balanced and healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to look like a supermodel or be completely buff.

It’s just about balance. Eating cake but not eating it all day every day, if you understand my meaning. So I thought it would be a good idea to bust some of the common myths. 

healthy cereal bars with berries

You don’t have time to exercise

Time is limited, I understand that. With schooling or jobs to do where is that time to exercise? While I agree that we may not all have time to exercise or work out, what we do have time for is to be active.

That means walking instead of the bus or driving. It might mean just heading out for a run before the day begins or in the evening after work.

Exercise doesn’t mean a gym workout, it’s just getting your heart rate up. You could even do that by switching the music up at home and having a good dance along to your favourite tunes. 

You can eat what you want if you exercise

A lot of people think that exercising a lot gives them the right to eat what they want. That might mean excessive amounts of junk food or sweet treats.

But the truth is, while of course, you can eat all of that, you still need to consider the health aspect. Too much of that junk is not good for your body. No matter how much you run or pump the weights. 

You have to workout everyday

People tend to think you have to work out every day, but the truth is working out every day could be too much for you and your body to handle. Instead, focus on just being as active as you can when the opportunity arises.

Working out too much could cause you to pull muscles or end up with a niggling injury. Which is the last thing anybody wants. Take your time and build up gradually. 

You can only eat green vegetables

Perhaps you follow a lot of healthy lifestyle accounts on social media. I guarantee that you will spot a theme that is mostly green.

Green vegetables, green juice, green everything. It’s enough to put anyone off a healthy lifestyle. But, it isn’t true that you can only consume that green veg.

A balanced diet includes many colours, it’s about making sure you get all the right nutrients and vitamins, and not about the colour of your food. The more colourful your diet is, the better. 

You have to drink your whole body weight in water

Water is good for you. But a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean you constantly drink the stuff.

Just make sure you get a recommended daily intake of around two litres a day, or eight normal-sized glasses. Other than that, you are doing good. 

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Carbohydrates make you gain weight

Finally, so many people think that eating pasta is going to pile on the pounds. But carbohydrate isn’t a bad thing at all, in fact, it’s where we get much of our energy from.

This is when diets can steer us in the wrong direction. Make sure you keep your diet balanced. 

I hope that busting these healthy balanced lifestyle myths will help you to have a more balanced happy lifestyle.

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