I’m Jen, a thirty-something vegetarian, full time mum and average kind of woman! I lost over ten stone in 16 months by healthy eating and no exercise! My blog shares my hints and tips from this and also the ups and downs of my ongoing journey. I live in Kirkby in Ashfield in Nottinghamshire and cook for myself and my family on a budget and love experimenting with different foods and flavours in the kitchen! I have depression and I am also open about having been in abusive relationships in the past because I feel these are nothing to be ashamed of. I started running almost a year after losing my weight and to my surprise realised I quite enjoy it.
I live with my partner Stuart who is likely to also feature in my blog. We met through Slimming World and he lost a whopping 22 stone by also following their healthy eating plan. My son Ben is 11 and he has some disabilities which can make life a challenge at times but he is amazing too. Ben is likely to feature in my blog also as I aim to feed him as healthy food whilst still allowing him to be a typical child and have treats. Ben enjoys cooking with me and I will be likely to share some of his favourite foods with you too. Neither Stuart or Ben are vegetarian and I cook meat daily for them so can often offer both vegetarian and meat recipes however as a vegetarian I will always try to let you know how well I managed to adapt a recipe to make it suitable for vegetarians.
Blogging all the ups and downs about life, food and me in an honest and relatable way! My story featured in local and national media to read about this further click here.