Through my successful weight loss, my running and this blog I have had my story published in the media on a few occasions.

I am happy to speak to the media or other bloggers and share my story, if you wish to speak to me regarding this please email me on

Just Average Jen in National Magazines and Newspapers

My story was in Take A Break Magazine in November 2015 and in December 2015 it was featured in The Daily Star.

Photographs of both articles can be found below. They talk about how I left an abusive relationship and then lost weight and gained confidence.

Newspaper with an article saying I shed 10st of useless blubber and my hubby.
Jen in the national media – The Daily Star.
An image from the front of a Take A Break magazine.
Front cover of Jen in Take a Break magazine
Article in take a break magazine.
Jen in the media again – Take a Break magazine

I was also featured in an article in Woman magazine published on 25/05/2021 talking about my dad rejecting me and how he died without us ever making peace.

Just Average Jen on National Newspaper Websites

I have also been featured on a number of national newspaper websites. Links to the articles can be found by clicking on the Newspaper below.

The Telegraph

Metro about using VAs to help your business

Daily Mail

Irish Mirror

Daily Mirror

The Sun

The Express

Daily Star

Jen on the radio

I was part of a discussion live on TalkRadio/TalkradioTV regarding healthy eating and the emotional side of dieting sharing why I believe there is more to weight loss than just eating more healthily!

I have spoken on BBC Radio Nottingham on a number of occasions.

Just Average Jen in Local Media

I have been on the website of the local newspaper Mansfield Chad regarding me running the Great North Run and also on BBC Radio Nottingham a number of times talking about my weight loss, my blog and my tips.  

Newspaper article about weight loss and then running the great north run.
Jen in the Mansfield and Ashfield Chad local newspaper

Mansfield Health and Wellbeing Festival

I participated in the Mansfield Health and Wellbeing Festival in March and April 2017 which was organised by Mansfield Museum in partnership with Mansfield District Council.

This included talks about my weight loss journey and the importance of keeping in touch with your mental health whilst losing weight.

slim lady in purple flowery dress with bare legs and heeled sandals
Jen after weight loss

Jen’s freelance writing and elsewhere in the media

I have written an article for Metro about my volunteering writing letters to sick children.

I contributed to an article on AgeUK’s website about accessibility.

I have been asked numerous times why I tell my story both on my blog and why I have shared it in the media happily and continue to be happy for my story to be shared.

I am a proud survivor of domestic abuse so never feel ashamed to share my story about that either.