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When maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important to you, you’re probably talking about two distinct but connected elements: your diet and your exercise regime.

Without good nutrition, your exercise effort will fall short and without exercise, you can’t convert more calories into energy. The two go hand in hand.

In this article, we’re talking about exercise and in particular the growing movement towards lifting weights, especially for women.

We’re going to dispel some of the myths about why women shouldn’t lift and talk about the real benefits.

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You Can Either Build Muscle or Lose Fat, Not Both

This school of thought is fast falling out of fashion as health experts demonstrate quite the opposite. It’s no secret that the way to lose weight is to have a calorie deficit. Work out how much your body needs to move each day, as a minimum, and then create a deficit. 

If you’re training on top of that and in particular if your diet contains lots of muscle-repairing protein, then you’re going to see muscle growth as well as fat loss.

Why are Weights Better than Cardio?

The truth is they’re not, they’re different and it’s quite possible to incorporate both into your training. With weights, you’re burning more calories.

That process goes on even after you’ve finished your workout as your body expends energy growing more muscle. It’s a shorter and more efficient way to burn calories and it changes the way your body looks.

Cardio is still important and while it may not be the most efficient way to burn fat, having a healthy heart and lungs is crucial to your overall health.

Will I Get Too Bulky?

This is a fear that many women in particular worry about when it comes to lifting weights. Some do look to increase muscle growth in a big way but most people, they’re looking to build muscle that helps them feel and look toned.

If you’re following a good routine, set out by a trainer, week after week, you will not gain excessive muscle. Besides this many of those who do look very large are often using artificial means to aid that growth.

You will simply grow the muscle you have and see your body change shape as that muscle slowly replaces more of your body fat. Unless you are training hard for a weight lifting competition or similar you will not bulk up.

Why should you lift weights? Not everyone loves cardio or feels comfortable running but you can start a weight regime in the comfort of your own home with your own set of weights and the bonus of cooling off in your own bathroom, in your own shower.

You’ll burn more calories, you’ll feel fitter and more toned in just a few short weeks. Mix it up with some cardio for the overall health benefits and you’ll wonder why you didn’t start lifting years ago. Always ask a professional if you’re not sure how to lift safely.

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