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Have you seen how many stores suddenly push all their gym equipment in January when people are making new year’s resolutions and keen to change their lives?

Are you like me? Have you bought things like this that you just don’t use? Do they gather dust in the corner of a room or in the garage?

These 5 tips should help you decide which equipment to buy and which to leave in the store or online! It is pointless wasting your money on something you will not use.

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Tips for buying gym equipment

These 5 tips could save you money, injuries and extra things to dust!

Tip 1 – Only buy it if you know its name and use

If you do not know what the item is or how it is to be used then do not buy it.

If you do not know how it is used will you actually use it? Probably not! Just because it looks good does not mean you will use it. Make sure you only buy gym equipment that is easy to use. Also, it is important to know what the equipment does and how you can use it. You can also use some YouTube tutorials to help.

Tip 2 – Only buy gym equipment if you have space for it

Do you, realistically, have space for it? Will you have space at Christmas, when guests stay and day to day?

If you don’t then can you really justify buying it? Will Christmas be a good excuse for you to stop using it (if you ever did) because you can’t find space?

Tip 3 – Don’t buy gym equipment for the future

What I mean by this is don’t buy something you know you won’t use now but think you will in the future! This is so easily done but the reality is it is unlikely you will ever use it!

No one can predict the future, you may get an injury, change your mind or just never get to that level of fitness to use it.

If you want to buy for the future then another option is to put the money aside ready for when you need it.

Tip 4 – Buy gym equipment you enjoy using

If you buy equipment that you actually know you enjoy then you are so much more likely to use it. How hard is it to motivate yourself to exercise when you do not enjoy it?

There are so many exercises out there you can find something you enjoy. Eveque are one of the leading sports equipment manufacturers in the UK and they are a great place to find new gear.

Why not have a look for something you have used at the gym perhaps and enjoyed?

Tip 5 – Buy something easy to store between uses

If you are short of space in your house then it is key to buy equipment which is easy to store in between uses.

My exercise bike becomes a clothes horse when it is not being used. This is 99% of the time so the reality is I wasted my money on it.

Somewhere I have some dumbbells. They are so easy to store in between uses that I have no idea when I last used them and where they are if I even still own them!

Do you have any tips for buying exercise equipment? Do you have any, like me, that you bought but do not use?

What exercise equipment do you have collecting dust? Do let me know in the comments below so I feel less alone in this!

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  1. Great post love how the tips are broken down and very clear. My sister actually buys equipments at time so I decided to surprise her with a yoga exercise program because she loves doing yoga.