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Noom is a health and wellness program I have talked about previously and is very different to others you may have tried previously. Noom does not involve shakes, points or syns!

Instead, it is based on calorie counting in a simple yet effective way. Do you have a resolution with Noom planned? If not read on to see if it would work for you!

Jars of beans, pasta, rice etc

How does the Noom diet work?

Noom is based quite simply on the basic evidence that weight loss occurs when you have a calorie deficit, that being you eat fewer calories than you burn.

This doesn’t mean you need to run a marathon to eat your three meals a day. It simply means you eat the right meals for your lifestyle to create a calorie deficit.

Noom calculates your daily calorie needs based on your height, weight and lifestyle and then gives you a calorie budget depending on the amount you want to lose and a sensible weight loss timeframe.

Foods are classed as red yellow or green to help you know how often they should be eaten. Support is given in the form of articles to read and help you see why you overeat and how you can change that.

When you join Noom you get a personal coach who helps guide you to your health goals with advice and support throughout your journey.

The Noom app allows you to log more than just your meals, you can log blood pressure, blood sugars and exercises too so you can really monitor your entire health as well as look at losing weight.

Could you consider a resolution with Noom?

Why choose Noom now?

If like me, you are in the UK and in a full lockdown then this is a great time to look at being more healthy. Whilst life in some respects is more stressful, look at how much of life you can actually control yourself.

At the moment no one is bringing cakes in to work, even if you are still working away from home Covid is likely to have put a bit of a stop to things like this. Eating out is not an option, and even going for a coffee would be alone and for a takeaway.

Honey and soy salmon salad

This makes now the perfect time to start looking after your health! By the time the lockdown finishes and the world is back to normal a little more, you will be in the swing of things and be more in control to say no to things you know you don’t need. The weight will have started dropping off and you will be full of ambition to continue!

The Noom plan involves cooking healthy nutritious meals for yourself and if you choose your family to follow simple plans to ensure they are healthy. You do not need to buy fancy ingredients or branded products, simply cook healthy food and enjoy it!

With the help of your coach, you can work towards a healthier life where you are so much more in control.

A salad sitting on top of a wooden cutting board, with Weight loss noom

So what is stopping you?

If this may be the diet for you to lose weight for good then it is simple to sign up. The plan currently costs £69 for 4 months and relies on you using an app on your phone regularly. There is nothing else you need to buy except scales!

Fancy a trial of your resolution with Noom? Click here to see how Noom could help you!


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