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If you have read about the Optifast weight loss plan and been a little unsure whether to pay out and give it a try then here are some reasons I think you should consider the one week trial from Optifast to decide if it is for you.

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What is the one-week trial pack?

Everybody finds different diets perfect for their lifestyle, don’t they? The one-week trial pack helps you see if the Optifast plan could suit your current lifestyle or would be easy to build into your day-to-day life.

The trial pack contains everything you need to trial a week on the partial meal replacement plan. This means two products a day. Included in the one-week pack are 8 shakes, 6 bars and a shaker.

When buying your one-week trial you can choose which of the bars and shakes you want to try. If you are trying it for a week with your partner or a friend you could each choose different products and share so you can try even more.

Feel free to use the code EXTRA10OFF for an extra 10% off website prices so you can get the one-week trial for £27.

selection of Optifast bars

How Optifast Partial meal replacement works

If you have read my review of the Optifast diet you will know I tried the partial meal replacement and can read more about that here. However, in a nutshell, partial meal replacement works by you having one healthy meal a day and using Optifast products to replace the other two meals.

Alternatively, it can be used as an alternate-day fasting plan or a 5:2 fasting plan. For both, the fasting days involve 4 Optifast products and the other days involve eating normally (but healthily!).

If you haven’t tried a fasting diet before it can be a bit of a lifestyle change so this is why a one-week trial is perfect!

making an Optifast shake

Some reasons to try the Optifast one-week trial

You can see if you like the products and can imagine using them as meal replacements on a daily basis.

If you don’t like the products you don’t have to continue with the plan.

It is easy to see if the lifestyle of meal replacements is right for you. Some people love the way it fits easily into a busy lifestyle without having to cook special meals, will that be you?

For a one-off payment, you can trial the plan without having to sign up for months and cancel if you change your mind. Yes, gym subscription I am looking at you!

It is just £30 with no commitment! There is no pressure to follow the trial week with any long term plan and you can continue by buying products when you need them. Feel free to use the code EXTRA10OFF for an extra 10% off website prices so you can get the one-week trial for £27.

What do I think?

Whilst some people really recommend one diet over another, I do not. the reason for this is that I truly believe the majority of diets work perfectly but it all depends on the individual, their body and what their lifestyle is like.

Optifast is a popular meal replacement diet which is perfect for those who like the idea of replacing meals with easy to make shakes or ready made bars. I like food too much to do a full replacement diet but have had success with a partial meal replacement.

If this sounds like a diet that could work for you then you should definitely give it a try. The most you have to lose is the trial price of £30. Feel free to use the code EXTRA10OFF for an extra 10% off website prices so you can get the one-week trial for £27.

If you are not sure about trying it now why not pin it to your Pinterest with the image below for another time?

Keeping track of your goals is really important

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