Losing weight can often be a difficult journey to embark on. We all have reasons why we want to lose extra pounds, but often after things like childbirth or trauma in our lives, losing weight can be harder. Sometimes losing weight not only has the obvious issue of weight but there can also be other factors like excess skin after weight loss has occurred. Is weight loss surgery for you?

This is when many people consider weight loss surgery as an option. There are a few different options and many of them will require a general anaesthetic and keyhole surgery. It is also worth mentioning that plenty of research and advice is usually needed before you embark on this. Here are some of the different types of weight loss surgery you could consider. 

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Gastric band

A gastric band is often one of the most common weight loss surgery options. This is where a band is placed around the stomach, creating a smaller pouch at the top of the stomach. It takes less food to fill the pouch, so you don’t eat as much to feel full. The band is connected to a small device that is placed under the skin. This is so the gastric band can be tightened after surgery. The band is usually first tightened around 4-6 weeks after surgery, and it may take a few times to get the right level of tightness for you. However, after the band is fitted, you will likely not need to have a general aneasthetic again 

Gastric bypass

A gastric bypass is usually one step further than the band. This is where staples are used to create a small pouch at the top of the stomach and connect it to the small intestine, which means it bypasses the rest of the stomach. This means you are taking less food, you absorb fewer calories and you feel fuller sooner. Read Emma’s story of weight loss success with a gastric bypass.

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Sleeve gastrectomy 

Sleeve gastrectomy is where a part of the stomach is removed creating a smaller area than it was before. This means that you don’t eat as much and you are fuller sooner. This can be a serious option of weight loss surgery to consider. 

Intra-gastric balloon

All of the weight loss options mentioned above are permanent opticians, this one is only temporary. An intra-gastric balloon is placed inside the stomach and is filled with air or saltwater. It is usually inserted via a tube down your throat. It gives you that feeling of being full but it is only left in your stomach for a maximum of six months. 

Biliopancreatic diversion 

A biliopancreatic diversion is very similar to a gastric bypass excel the difference is that the pouch is connected further along the small intestine. It is a less likely option to be used. You will absorb fewer calories with this option, but there are a few extra side effects which is why it isn’t as common as some of the other options mentioned above. 

Hopefully sharing these options will make you more aware of some of the different types of weight loss surgery.

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