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Weight loss is a topic of concern for millions of people around the world. The determination to lose pound after pound has driven many to take to unhealthy and unsafe measures. In this write-up, we will try to list out safe and sustainable ways to help you lose weight.

Choosing a weight loss plan

A healthy weight loss plan involves routines that are not just aimed at losing weight in a short period through rigorous procedures. Instead, sustainable and healthy weight loss plans, although they take longer, ensure that you lack no nutrients while trying to shed excess fat. It also makes certain that you don’t get over exhausted and end up looking pale and worn-out, rather than looking healthy and in shape.

The human body is dynamic, and it requires diverse answers based on its needs, this applies to diet and weight loss. The truth of the matter is that dieting requires patience and time. The length of time needed is subjective and varies from person to person. However, the potency of a sustainable weight loss program is not bound by this element.

Ways to lose weight

Once you decide to lose weight, you should be aware of certain points to ensure that you remain healthy.

What’s making you overweight?

Begin by investigating your previous meal plans and then take note of all calories and carbs. After you decide on an improved meal plan, all you need to do is keep to it religiously.

Weight loss target

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Realise that weight loss is not a day’s job, so setting a goal that can only be achieved through rigorous and torturous dieting is entirely wrong. Set a target that you can arrive at without having to starve or exhaust yourself. Consider your age, current weight, and lifestyle.

For those who are advanced in age, you should understand that your body isn’t as active as it was a few decades earlier. This means that you need a lightweight loss plan. Those who are bigger should consider one that is progressive in intensity. In other words, start with baby steps, and take the difficulty level higher as you curb your appetite.

Finally, those with sedentary lifestyles need an active and more strenuous weight loss plan. The general recommendation is 2-3.5kg a week, no more, no less. It is always wise to speak to your doctor or seek a private consultation somewhere like Guys & St Thomas.

Lifestyle Adjustment

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For successful and healthy weight loss, you should follow certain lifestyles. Start by reducing all forms of stress; a troubled mind reflects on the body, and any dieting plan will prove abortive.

Sleep is an essential part of living. You need rest to do any activity, so ensure you have a healthy sleeping plan.

Take care of health issues first. Going on a diet can be detrimental for those with preexisting health problems. It is wise to consult your doctor before proceeding with your weight loss program.

Walk your way to a healthy life. A nice long walk of about half an hour is an excellent alternative to running.

Make exercising a daily norm. Don’t go overboard by working out for 3 hours daily or by running 7 miles. Be sure to take more walks, or run a mile alternatively. Take on smaller weights of 3-7kg to help with firmer skin.

Take up hobbies like tennis, squash, or swimming. Regular fun exercise keeps the plan active without exhausting your body.

Proper meal plan

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There are various types of diets that envelop the several needs of the individual human. These meals ensure that you lack no nutrient, and is suitable for all ages, weight, and lifestyles. They include;

  • Bro diet
  • Keto diet
  • ProLon fasting
  • Gut health diet
  • 16:8 diet

Choosing a plan that best suits your needs is a fantastic way to go. Be sure to watch your portions; once they get out of hand, then you defeat the whole purpose. Fasting is healthy when done properly so do consider this.

Next, don’t ever skip the 3 meal a day routine because no good can come from that. Instead, go for smaller portions more than 3 times a day. That way, you don’t feel stuffed at each meal, and you can quickly burn these smaller meals throughout the day.

And finally, try to be more conscious while eating, this means not having meals while watching TV or playing games. An alert mind helps to ensure that you are eating the right things in the right quantity. 

As a bonus point, drink lots of water before meals. Water is an essential part of a healthy meal plan, and it helps to fill up your tummy before eating.

It’s better late than never

It can get frustrating trying to lose weight healthily, things might be a lot slower than your counterparts who go all out. But always remember that the goal isn’t just to lose weight but to be healthy.

The regular diet will have you taking out carbs and all forms of calories completely or have you skip meals. The results are indeed quicker, but it comes at a price. You end up looking weak, pale, and malnourished. A sustainable meal plan does just what it says; it provides sustenance. You can never end up looking malnourished if you take that route. You still burn fat, so it’s a win-win solution.

Our advice is simple, take the time and enjoy the ease. Follow the rules, and you will get not only the size you want but also that youthful look.

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Safe and Sustainable Ways to Lose Weight

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