If you’re looking for an easy exercise routine for weight loss to do at home then look no further. Here I have a guest post from Matthew, the author of Running 101 who knows a lot about exercise! So why not grab yourself a glass of water and give this exercise routine a go! Be careful of course if you have any health conditions.

glass of water

Working out indoors can be easy

Whether forced indoors due to the children being off school, prefer the convince of at-home workouts, or are short on time there’s no denying that house based exercise routines have their place when it comes to getting fit and losing weight.

One of the main challenges many face when working out indoors is a lack of resistance. While this workout, in particular, is designed for beginners, we will make convenient resistance suggestions for each exercise.

Before starting this easy exercise routine

However, before beginning any form of exercise we recommend undergoing a warmup. You generally want to stick to dynamic stretches such as high-knees, butt kicks, and leg swings and save static stretches such until after your workout.

So, with the warmup out of the way let’s begin.

Air squats 

toned lady doing air squats
toned lady exercising doing air squats

The squat is an all-around great exercise, working mainly the glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps. However, as well as working for these key muscle groups squats are excellent for increasing your heart rate, getting a sweat on, and maintaining a toned body whilst shedding a few extra pounds.

To make this exercise more difficult you can add resistance in the form of a rucksack, dumbbells, a bag of laundry, or anything else remotely heavy lying around.

Walking lunges

lady doing walking lunges with weights
Lady doing walking lunges with weights

As well as air squats, walking lunges are a fantastic exercise to include in any at-home exercise regime. As walking lunges target a large portion of muscle groups, much like squats this will increase weight loss while creating that desirable toned body.

To make this exercise more difficult you can add resistance in each hand whether this is two tin of beans, two bags of laundry, or anything else you can find lying around the house.

Jumping jacks

That’s right, we’re taking it back to jumping jacks. This exercise you most likely did in PE back at school is actually fantastic at burning calories and working every muscle in the body. We recommend performing anywhere up to five minutes of these, res as needed in-between.

To make this exercise more difficult simply add more time spent doing the jumping jacks.


man doing push ups
man doing a push-up

Another all-time classic, is the push-up. While it may not be the best for losing weight, the push-up is a fantastic all-around great exercise for the chest, core, triceps, back, and arms – essential when working towards a toned body. We recommend performing three sets of maximum reps, to begin with.

To make these more difficult you can either add resistance such as a heavy bag or alternatively increase the total number of sets.

A note from Jen

So, what do you guys think? Is this something you could start doing? I must say I am quite tempted as it does seem relatively easy with no planks or balancing involved! I can’t do push-ups but hey 3 out of 4 is not bad is it? Have you checked my other home workout?

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