As the fitness industry continues its massive boom, different gyms and workout ideologies compete daily for consumer attention — and money.

It is possible to achieve the same results as a regular gym workout gives, even without having to splash out on expensive equipment. Dedicated focus, creativity and drive, achieve the desired results. Plus think of all the money you will save you can spend on a facial or similar!

Use What you Have

When working out at home, understanding how to use one’s own body weight to work different muscle groups will help get the most out of time.

For example, a pushup will work the chest and triceps. Elevating the feet to where they are higher than the body when executing a pushup, works the upper chest and shoulders in addition to the triceps.

It mimics the equivalent of an incline press and helps build muscle and shape the body in a meaningful way. That can be accomplished by putting one’s feet on a chair or putting one’s feet on steps with hands on the floor. 

Even small details, such as hand placement during pushups, can change the focus of the exercise.

Squats are another good example. There are a variety of squats that can be done without a barbell and don’t require a gym. For example, jumping squats can be performed in any area of the house, are relatively low impact and can be performed for volume.

Split squats can be performed by placing one foot up on a piece of furniture or a step and squatting with a single leg. The split squat is one of the most effective exercises for building leg strength and muscle.

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Maintaining form is key

Working out at home isn’t effective without maintaining good form. Bodyweight workouts usually rely on volume to see the best results. But failing to maintain form means the body is recruiting muscles not targeted by the workouts, minimizing results and increasing injury risks.

Choose workouts that can be performed for three sets with a good, smooth form with roughly 90 seconds of rest between sets.

Why not look at a cardio barbell and see if that could help you?

Enjoy the views

When working out inside or outside of a gym, settings matter. A cluttered living room where performing jumping squats means dodging a laundry basket is not conducive to motivation.

If inside, make sure to have a clean, open space to safely warm up, stretch and exercise.

That said, one of the best parts of working out at home is the opportunity to make use of the garden. There are few feelings more satisfying than holding a plank while feeling the sunshine against one’s back.

But the pavement of a patio can be abrasive to the extremities. And the grass is no friend to expensive gym clothes. Athletic facilities have long seen the benefits of artificial grass to mimic playing conditions without the upkeep of real grass.

Having artificial grass in an area of the garden can instantly create a safe space for exercise and wellness that can allow one to perform push-ups, planks and squats with less fear of slipping, abrasions or stains.

In the end, there are a lot of ways to build a happier, healthier life. Find the best fit, then commit.

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