Currently, exercising has become quite popular among men and women and people of all ages. Physical fitness is a proven way of maintaining one’s weight and health.

Beginner workouts especially pilates can provide positive results from the comfort of your home. Usually, they do not require expensive equipment.

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One type of exercise to start with is Pilates exercises which have an emphasis on developing core strength, posture alignment, and muscle balance.

Below are some of the exercises you can start at home.

Home Workout # 1 – Bridging Exercises

Do you want to increase the muscle strength of your hip extensors, leg power, and improve your core stability? Start with the Bridging exercises. It is a simple exercise that involves lying on your back with your knees bent. Tilt your pelvis backwards and gradually elevate your spine off the mat to form a bridge position.

Repeat several times while taking a deep breath and arching your back slowly. You can try starting with 10 minutes of exercise a day and as you progress you can extend it to 30 minutes a day.

Home Workout # 2 – Scissor Exercises

Scissor Exercises are a good abdominal exercise that helps to strengthen the abdominal muscles. It serves to flatten the belly and stabilize your entire core. You begin by inhaling and exhaling then placing your foot in a tabletop position.

Gently lower your leg to the ground while positioning your knee at a 90° angle without letting it touch the ground. Repeatedly move one leg at a time while bringing your leg back to the tabletop position. You can regulate the speed as you interchange your legs throughout the exercise.

Home Workout # 3 – Pilates Mermaid Stretch Exercises

Pilates Mermaid Stretch helps to improve flexibility. It is an easy exercise that does not involve too much body movement. It serves to open, lengthen, and stretch the side of your body including your inner thighs, obliques, and shoulders.

Additionally, it helps to improve your breathing by stretching your intercostal muscles which are responsible for breathing.

Home Workout # 4 – Single Leg Stretch Exercise

One leg stretch is a good exercise when you want to strengthen your lower abs. It engages your torso when you press your lower back, elevating your breathing pattern, and strengthening your leg and abdominal muscles. 

To perform it, begin by lying with your back against the mat, with your legs and arms extended on the side. Lift your shoulders off the floor and bend your knee towards your chest, holding your right ankle with your right hand and left ankle with your left hand.

Slowly switch the leg and hand position while keeping your leg extended a few inches off the floor.

Home Workout # 5 – Criss Cross Exercises

It is a form of Pilate exercise that has a strong focus on strengthening the obliques (abdominal muscles) and lower back. It helps to define the waist and improve posture stabilization to some extent.

The exercise starts with you lying on your back with your hand behind your head and your legs at the tabletop position. Squeeze your inner thigh together while rotating your ribcage to the left. Bend your knee and bring it towards your right arm.

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