There are so many simple items that are shopping essentials for weight loss and healthy eating. They could help you achieve your weight loss goals. Some of these items will help you by swapping them for a less healthy option, others by flavouring your foods. Many are just things that I find a good staple to have in the cupboard! I use most of these items every week so maybe some will help you too!  

Shopping list

Shopping essentials A-Z

A – Apples – an apple a day keeps the doctor away after all.

BBasil – great for making homemade pasta sauce.

CCumin – a spice I use a lot of, other favourites are here.

D – Dried wholemeal pasta – healthier than white pasta but just as tasty! Check out all my pasta recipes here.

E – Eggs – the possibilities are endless, here are some tips.

FFrylightlow-calorie cooking spray, I use it daily! Definitely one of my shopping essentials!

G – Grapes – tasty and better for you than chocolate.

H – Ham – a great snack for kids and adults to snack on unless you are vegetarian like me! There are however Quorn ham alternatives which I love.

I – Irish Coffee flavour Beanies Coffee – if you haven’t tried it you really must!

J – Jaffa Alpen Light bars – one of my favourites, low calorie and a nice sweet kick.

K – Kale – maybe you haven’t thought of this but it’s great made into crispy kale.

LLasagne sheets – I just love lasagne, try this recipe if you do too.

M – Melon – my favourite fruit, helps you lose weight as so full of water.

N – Noodles (dried egg noodles) – tasty and so quick to make up with a stir fry or a chow mein.

OOxo cubes – so useful and can be used in so many recipes!

PPaprika – used in so many recipes! I bulk buy mine on Amazon!

Q – Quark – I have lots of recipes with quark including quark cheesecakes and savoury quark dishes.

RRice – basmati, risotto, paella, long-grain, so many varieties! Here are all my favourite rice recipes.

SSoy Sauce – great for stir-fries and also makes yummy Sticky Mushrooms.

TTomatoes – I am sure I use them in most meals, usually tinned but sometimes fresh too!

UUnsweetened Almond Milk – if you like milk and want lots this is great as lower syn/calorie than cows milk.

V – Vinegar – great for adding something to meals or in cooking. I use a lot of balsamic vinegar.

W – Watercress – a lovely salad item and makes a change from lettuce

X – Ok nothing begins with X haha. Maybe we could say exercise?

Y – Yoghurt – I love the Light and Free Lemon flavour.

Z – Ziplock bags – to save leftovers in these are definitely one of my shopping essentials!

Weight loss and Exercise Support

I have a lot of weight loss guides and support if you want to exercise including if you have a condition like fibromyalgia.

Have a good look around and see how I can help you achieve your weight loss goals. Request my free resources to get you started too!


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