We all love saving money, don’t we? Some foods work out so much cheaper when you bulk buy them so I thought I would share with you 7 items that I often bulk buy. If you are cooking for a family you will soon use them.

Heap of fruits and vegetables with shopping list on table close up some foods are great to bulk buy
Writing a shopping list helps when you are bulk-buying foods

Some foods you just can not bulk buy without needing to use the freezer. Here are 7 store cupboard-type foods you can bulk buy to save money.

Dried herbs and spices

One of the best bulk foods to buy is dried herbs and spices. I buy all the ones I use regularly like this and save a fortune. A standard jar of paprika at the supermarket is approx 45g and costs around 80p.

If you use a lot of paprika then buying in bulk on Amazon could save you money. I buy 1kg for £5.90! How much cheaper is that? I buy cumin, coriander and some others this way too.


Have you ever looked in the “world foods” section of the supermarket? They often have huge bags of rice for really good value. If you eat a lot of rice then this is an amazing value. It lasts well and usually has a great use-by date on it too so do take a look.


Like rice, dried pasta is often really good value when you buy in bulk and, if you have the space for it in your cupboard, it is such a money saver in the long run.

Tinned Tomatoes

If you are anything like us you get through so many tins of tomatoes every week. They usually have a year or so of the date on them and could even be stored in your garden shed! If they are on offer with 4 cans for £1 or similar then this is the time to be bulk buying them!

Coffee and Teabags

If you are still buying small packs of coffee or tea then you really are wasting your money. Unless you drink it that infrequently, you really should be buying in the biggest packs you can.

Sometimes catering size packs are great value so worth checking those out. Even just the biggest ones at the supermarket can often save you a bit!


Whilst this does rely on you having space to store them it can save a considerable amount of money. If you have kids who prefer certain brands you could also sneakily buy cheaper ones and fill an empty branded box with them for even more savings.

UHT Milk

If you are running low on milk and need some for the morning it is easy to end up at the local convenience shop where it can be much more expensive than the supermarket.

I always have some UHT cartons in the cupboard ready to pop in the fridge if needed. It lasts months so as long as you keep an eye on the date it saves money often and a trip to the shop!

It also stops you from buying more than you need “just in case” and wasting some.

What do you bulk buy? Is there anywhere you save money that I am missing?

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