If you are overweight or ever have been the chances are you are someone who has fallen into the habit of rewarding yourself with food. There are so many other ways to treat yourself though so I thought I would share some.

Maybe it will give you some ideas or maybe you will share the post with your loved ones to encourage them to reward you. It is ok to be proud of yourself for something but if you can find a better reward than food or drink it is better for you in the long term.

rail of clothes such as cardigans in front of grey wall with poloroid snaps on

Ways to treat yourself for under £10

Buy a new item of make up

Get some new special bubble bath

Make time to meet a friend for a coffee and chat

Buy a magazine and relax with a cuppa

Buy a book and make time to read it

Treat yourself to some flowers or a plant

Go for a walk on your own to just have some me time (or if you have young children just plan a toilet trip alone the reward is similar!)

Make your favourite meal for tea even if it means spending more than usual on ingredients

Have a glass of wine – just not too many!

Buy a nice scented candle – every time you light it you could feel proud.

Watch your favourite film or TV show

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Treats for under £50

Have your nails done or a beauty treatment

Pay a babysitter for a nice night out

Treat yourself to some new clothes, they don’t have to be expensive.

Have your hair done

Buy some new shoes

Treat yourself to an item of jewellery

Go for a night at the cinema or theatre

Treat yourself to some new slinky underwear

Go ten-pin bowling

Buy a new handbag or purse

Chose something nice for the house – new ornament, picture etc.

Buy a new bottle of perfume

landscape picture of the beach and sea in bright sunshine with people swimming and paddling

Ways to treat yourself for over £50

Book a holiday or weekend away

Buy a new gadget

Book to see a show or concert

Get a tattoo

Book something drastic like a skydive, parachute jump etc

Go for a spa day

There are so many other ways too I am sure depending on your interests to treat yourself. As you can see though, you really do not have to resort to treating yourself with food and I am sure will feel better. This is especially true if you are treating yourself after a weight loss. Clothes would be the perfect treat in that instance for your new figure, why ruin it with chocolate?

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