It can be so difficult to make friends when you are an adult and have a small social circle. Perhaps you have moved into a new area or changed jobs and just feel lonely.

Do you have coffee for one often and wonder if there is a way to make friends now you are later in life? It was much easier at school, wasn’t it? Remember being alone if you are single doesn’t have to be lonely.

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19 Ways to make friends as an adult

Join online groups and forums for things you are interested in whether that be sewing, real-life crime stories or films. This is a great place to meet people with similar interests.

Other parents at your child’s school may also be lonely. Seeing if there are any PTA groups or similar you can join may be a start. Alternatively, just chat with other parents at the school gates.

Learn a new skill or join a course. The local college and other places like community centres could offer courses from flower arranging to GCSEs and everything in between. There is sure to be something you could learn whilst also meeting friends.

Do you like to sing? There are so many rock choirs about now that look such fun. You do not always have to be good and enthusiasm may be enough.

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Do you have an interest in a particular sporting team? Check out if they have a supporters club you could join.

Could you try a new sport or one you enjoyed as a youngster? There are so many netball groups for adults around now. Alternatively what about a running group or even karate or something more unique like burlesque?

Check out your local library. Ours has reading groups and if you are interested in reading this is a great way to make friends with similar interests. If a reading group isn’t for you then the library could still have information on other groups and is worth a look.

Volunteering – Is there a cause you feel passionate about? There are so many volunteering opportunities out there that could be perfect for you to meet new people as well as work to do something in the community.

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Do you know your neighbours? Perhaps you could invite them over for a drink or catch them when out doing the garden in the summer?

Single parent groups or singles holidays. This may not be your situation but if it is this is something to consider. It is not just a way to meet a potential partner but also a way to make friends so don’t rule it out without looking into it.

Distant family – have you thought if there is anyone you could get on well within your family or partner’s family with who you have an opportunity of spending time and building a great friendship with?

An allotment is a great way to make friends. If you are not up to managing one on your own there are some community initiatives with allotments you could look into.

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Skill swaps or offering to help others. Have you seen the website Helpfulpeeps? It means you can offer to help others with tasks you are able to do and they may not be. It is usually on a one-off basis and you can ask for help yourself too. A great way to meet new people.

Slimming groups or exercise groups. If this is something that interests you then this is a great way to meet a variety of people with the same goals.

Church or belief groups are a great way to meet new people so if you have beliefs that you currently do not worship for example then why not consider this?

Women’s Institute used to be full of older people but more recently it has really had a bit of a revamp and is popular with women of all ages. Have a look to see if there is anything in your area!

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Walking your dog – if you have a dog why not be more friendly and chat with people you see on regular walks? You may make a new friend or even just get used to seeing a friendly face that way.

Blogging – Since I started my blog whilst it can be lonely in some ways. Working for myself from home is also a great way to make friends online. I get to meet them at blogging conferences like BlogOn too which is great fun.

Learning a language can be a fun way to make friends. As you all try to speak in another language and can be so useful too. There can be people looking to teach languages on Helpfulpeeps as well as colleges etc.

What do you think?

Do you have lots of friends or are you wondering if you can find new friends? Have you any other suggestions you can share in the comments? Maybe you will help someone who is struggling perhaps after moving to a new area to make friends.

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