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Given my previous relationship history, I am so happy with Stuart and can truly see this being forever. We are very different in many ways but we have similarities too. I feel we have the right balance between time together and time doing our own thing. I do believe that is really important and wanted to share with you a few tips to help you get that balance right too.

Find hobbies you love

I have recently started reading more often again and love it. In the past I used to read a lot but had stopped making time for myself for that. I tend to read crime and psychological thriller related books but will give anything a try. Stuart isn’t a big reader but that is just fine.

I also love Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. Mostly I watch crime documentaries but I quite like a good period drama too. It puzzles Stuart as he really doesn’t like things like that but he does laugh and say I would know how to murder him and not get caught!

If you need to buy things to enable your hobby or your partners’ hobby then try to budget for this and ensure you can keep it up all year. If your partner, for example, likes golf then that is great in the summer but maybe he goes less in the rain? Why not invest in some golf waterproofs to be sure you get time to enjoy on your own all year round.

I enjoy cooking and particularly batch cooking which Stuart doesn’t object to as I do make nice food! I love photography too so spend time taking photos of my food too!

young couple having a picnic
Young Couple Having a Picnic

Schedule date nights

There are so many ways you can enjoy date nights even without leaving the house if you do not have childcare. It is so important to have that adult time to chat and make sure you talk about things other than the kids this is the same whether you have been dating a week or 30 years!

We love to play board games together and can get quite competitive though I don’t like monopoly much. This is probably partly because I never win and partly because it is so blooming long!

Could you make a nice meal together and get dressed up for it? I love to get all dolled up and put makeup on and feel gorgeous for a meal for Stu even if it is just at home. If you have young children and can only get childcare during the day then perhaps go for a picnic together? Spend family time teaching the children to cook perhaps?

Don’t rush your bath or shower

It is so easy to rush your bath or shower, knowing you have so much to do. Actually, though it is not always necessary and spending a little more time with your music or an audiobook on can make it really enjoyable. If that is the only “me time” you get in a day then you can make it good.

Treating yourself to products you love can make this feel less of a daily routine and more like pampering too. Why not buy some luxury bath products to help you relax?

How do you ensure you get plenty of time to yourself and keep your relationship perfect?

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