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If you do not like how your clothing makes you feel, it might be time for a change. It is amazing how wearing clothing that is right for you can completely change how you feel about yourself.

Nowhere is that more evident than when shopping for a new favourite dress. But feeling your best in one is something that takes a little time to figure out. You have to find one that really works for you in every possible way. Let’s examine how to do that.

Portrait of smiling girl in dress standing against gray background
Portrait of smiling girl in dress standing against gray background

Look at a New Dress Like an Investment

The first part of feeling your best in a dress is to treat buying a new one like an investment. You cannot feel your best wearing any dress if you know it is a one-time-use garment.

The best dress needs to last you a long time. For that reason, try not to be influenced too much by current dress fads. Instead, look for dress styles and materials with staying power.

The dresses likely to stay in fashion for a long time are those that are designed to serve multiple purposes and be worn all year long. For example, the reason there are so many midi-style choices available is that they are just as popular to wear to the beach on a warm summer’s day as to holiday parties in the winter.

The reason is the midi dress has a length just short enough to show off your ankles and a bit of lower leg. That length can be both casual and formal, as well as season-appropriate.

Honour Your Body Type with the Dress You Choose

Other than the investment factor, one of the first aspects of dress shopping to think about is your own body type. You need a style that is appropriate for that body type.

For instance, when your shoulders are wider than your hips, a midi dress with a low neckline and a flared skirt can help you bring your shape into balance.

An apple-shaped body also requires a little added care. Since it means your waist does not have a lot of definition, adding a belt is ideal. Also, look for one with a skirt that flows out from your body. That will give you the triangular appearance you desire.

Consider Your Dress Colour or Pattern with Care

Colour or pattern is another major consideration. In general, light colours are less slimming than dark colours. It is also important that the colour you choose compliments your complexion.

The warmer your skin tone, the warmer the colours you should work with. For instance, orange and red shades may be appropriate. Blue and grey tones often work better when your complexion is paler.

The pattern is also important. For example, a dense floral print is often slimming. One with larger flowers more sparsely distributed can make your body appear wider.

In general, patterns with larger elements,, whether floral or not, also give your curves less definition. Therefore, sticking to smaller or more dense patterns is often wiser.

Honour Your Own Unique Style with Your Choice

When it comes down to it, the dress you pick cannot help you feel your best unless you feel it helps you express your personality. Always honour that by choosing one you know you will be comfortable wearing.

Whether that dress has vibrant or subdued colours, includes lace or embellishments, or is loose or body tight is entirely your decision. Just make sure you are secure in making that decision.

You will wear the dress more and feel your best in it when you choose what makes you the most comfortable from the start.

What sort of dress might you treat yourself to next? I love ones with a cross-over style front and more v-shaped neckline as round necklines make me look so wide!

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