Do you ever sit and wonder what happiness really is? Thinking about it are you happy? Have you achieved a life you hoped for or a life you are satisfied with? Here I share how to find happiness in a few easy steps.

I wanted to share with you some thoughts about what happiness is and help you to achieve some happiness in your life. I also have a couple of products I have been sent and love that I think are perfect for this too.

What is happiness – my thoughts?

I think happiness is a strange thing to define. It is different for everyone, what makes me happy could well be very different to what makes you happy. Happiness is a mental state that we have to choose to be in, in my opinion.

I am happy when I am doing something I enjoy and not worrying about money, my family/friends and feeling positive about the future. I do suffer from depression and I know this impacts my happiness, when I am depressed I struggle to feel happy. That said, there is always something that makes me happy, sometimes I just have to look harder to find it.

When I look at my life the things that make me happy are spending time with people I love (both family and friends), succeeding in my work as a blogger and achieving things I didn’t think I could. I like to set myself goals to achieve, this makes me happy. I find happiness in many things but these often change, and I am sure this is the same for most people.

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What is happiness – others thoughts

Everyone’s perception of happiness is different. If you are trying to find what makes you happy and define happiness for yourself then these opinions from others may help. Will they help you with how to find happiness?

“Happiness is accepting yourself and treating your current self and past selves with compassion”Clinical psychologist Marianne Trent. I love this statement as think that it is so true. I know when I struggle with my mental health it is often blaming my past self for things, blaming myself for staying with an abusive ex for example. Being kind to your current and past self is so important!

“Happiness is being in the moment and being aware that you have control of the reality you want to create.” – Holistic energy practitioner Sarah-Jane Lewis. This is another statement I really believe in, Remembering you have control over what you do is so important. When depressed and struggling it is so easy to feel helpless and like the world is controlling you. The reality is that on the whole, you are in control of your destiny so remembering that helps you achieve happiness.

“Happiness is possible in every moment of every day, it is our natural state of being, our birthright.”Jo Howarth, Founder of The Happiness Club. This is so true isn’t it, when you think about it, it is our right to be happy and not only that but to allow ourselves to be happy.

“Happiness is when you are content with this very moment that you are living. You have no need to look at the past or wish for a better future.”Mandy, Personal Trainer. I am definitely happiest when I am living in the moment, are you?

“My name Furrah actually means happiness in Arabic!! I practice gratitude every day, laugh my ass off whenever possible, do Body Combat which leaves me on a high, spend quality time with my daughter or good friends, have a dance (don’t give a crap who’s watching) oh and chocolate always helps”Furrah Syed, Artist. I agree that chocolate always helps! Laughing and dancing definitely help too, don’t you think?

“Happiness is freedom. Happiness isn’t always easy and it takes action and understanding that in order understand its full force we must also feel and know its opposing emotion of sadness in equal measure.”Holly Matthews, The Happy Me Project founder. I really like this because I think it is so easy to think that if we are truly happy we shouldn’t ever feel sad but that is not true, is it? There is nothing wrong with feeling sad sometimes but we should also allow ourselves to feel happy.

Things to do to help you feel happy

Positive affirmations

I often find that if I am struggling with my confidence and mental health then writing a list of things to remind myself is helpful. A great way of doing this is by having a list of things next to my bed I read every morning when I wake up and every evening before I go to sleep. It helps remind me of the things I am, not the things I am not.

My list might include things like “I am a good mum” and “I started my own successful business so I can achieve what I put my mind to”. These really help me remember I can do things well instead of focussing on negative thoughts. You don’t need anything special to write this on, a basic sheet of paper or a notebook is all you need!

Your month of self-kindness jar

I often find that I am not kind to myself and talk to myself in a way I would never dream of talking to anyone else! The self-kindness jar from Adbra includes a month’s worth of prompts to help you realise you can be kind to yourself and tasks to do each day.

A few of my favourites are:

  • What Failures? – think about something you consider a failure and list 3 ways in which this has helped you grow along the way
  • Outside your comfort zone – Allow yourself to do something that you’ve been meaning to try for a while.
  • You are strong – Think about your strengths and how you’ve used them to help others. you have so much to offer.
  • Forgive yourself – It’s in the past and can’t be changed. you deserve to move on.

the jar is so worth it if you are like me and struggle to put yourself first, to be kind to yourself and to realise you are worthy of feeling happy. Buy it in the Adbra shop for £12.50 there are a number of different happiness jars available with different themes. I have only tried this one but if they are all this good then I want them all! This jar is also available on Amazon so why not treat yourself to one next time you are buying something for someone else, you are worth it!

“Happiness is finding balance in life, being aware and mindful of what my body and mind is telling me and spending quality time with friends and family.”


Illustrator and self-care influencer Stacie Swift has connected with over a quarter of a million followers around the world through her feel-good Instagram posts. Those are numbers I can only dream of! Now, she is releasing The Positively Awesome Journal. 

With artwork that makes you smile and colours that lift your mood, this stunning paperback journal invites you to start your very own journaling journey in style. Be guided by the self-care tips and activities, empowered by the affirmations and inspired by the illustrations that offer a daily dose of encouragement and positivity, reminding you of how awesome you are. 

Designed to promote and encourage mental well-being, it is the perfect pick-me-up to help keep you uplifted, motivated and understood.

You can finally write that ‘not-to-do’ list, prioritise your tasks, learn how to set social media boundaries, make your own luck, complete a feeling forecast, create a dream log, fill out a meal plan, give thanks, celebrate your progress and find plenty of room for self-reflection – all in one safe place.

What do you do to make yourself feel happy?

I would love to know if you have any tips or what you do that helps when you are feeling low or struggling to look after yourself as well as everyone else. Do comment below and let me know and tell me what happiness means to you! Do you have any other tips on how to find happiness? You don’t need a psychic, just to focus on yourself for a change!

Here are some tips from blogger, Claire of 7 quick ways to feel happier.

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