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When the guys over at CoolStuff asked if I would be interested in reviewing something for them I was excited. Their website is full of amazing things from less than a pound to a few hundred pounds.

They are mostly things you look at and say wow I need that! I was surprised at the prices too many of them being extremely reasonable.

I must admit I spent a good half an hour just scrolling the website thinking of all the things I could buy! We agreed a great review for me to do would be their Pizza Oven.

pizza oven

We don’t often make or buy pizzas but when we do I love them. Even oven pizzas are so much healthier than takeaway ones aren’t they? This is what I tell myself anyway!

They have less cheese on them and seem less greasy usually. Making your own is always fun too and as you can add as many vegetables as you like it seems a good option too. I have only ever used a normal oven or grill so this was a bit different for me.

How easy is it to use the KitchPro Pizza Oven?

To be honest it is extremely easy there really isn’t much I can say about it. The top lifts open to reveal a pizza stone on which the pizza is cooked. and a grill-type element in the top.

The lid has two dials on, one for temperatures 1-5 and one is a timer. The booklet with the oven gives you ideas of recipes and the temperature and time for different items. It is so easy though you would manage without the book easily enough.

How well does it cook the pizza?

It is really to see how the pizza is cooking through the viewing window on the top or just lifting the lid if you’re anxious not to burn it.

Pizzas cook really quickly in it with a chilled one taking around 8-10 minutes. The pizza is cooked very evenly and is hot through and ready to eat so quickly that you will never want to order takeaway again.

A pizza made in the KitchPro Pizza Oven

What else could I cook in it?

I have used it for naan bread which was great and I imagine it would be good for anything along those lines or even warm through leftover pizza the next day! The oven is deep enough for a deep pan pizza and could fit a ciabatta in well but probably not anything much deeper.

Anything else I should know about the KitchPro Pizza oven?

It comes with a European-style plug but an adapter can be easily purchased at the same time. When you first use it you need to allow the coating to cook off slightly first as with all new things it will smell initially but then it is absolutely fine and this only takes a few minutes or so.

Where can I get this machine?

If your mouth is watering and you are wondering where you can buy this KitchPro Pizza Oven then don’t panic. It is easy to order from CoolStuff here and is £89.99 which when you think of the cost of takeaway pizzas you would soon be saving money!

A pizza sitting on a white plate

Disclaimer – I was given the pizza oven free of charge in exchange for an honest review, the pizzas were enjoyed thoroughly in the writing of the review and were very tasty! All opinions are my own – I don’t share pizza unless I have to!

KitchPro Pizza Oven from CoolStuff - A Review

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  1. Love the face that you can make your own bespoke pizza in minutes, without heating the oven, and the pizza maker can be stored in a small space, and used quickly when needed.

  2. Because my family love pizza my fussy 2 year old Charlie has just discovered pizza and is loving it