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I love a good photo and there is nothing better than putting memories on the walls is there? With so many different places available to print your photos onto the canvas it is hard to tell which companies you can trust.

When I was asked to review the Tesco Photos service and order a canvas from them I was excited to see how it would turn out. Whilst some of their finished products can be collected from the store I chose to have them delivered.

A canvas print on a white wall

Ease of ordering from Tesco Photos

I was given a code to order my canvas so the ordering process was the same as you would encounter. It was really easy to work out the sizes and styles available and the associated costs.

I ordered a 20″x16″ canvas of a photo my sister took of my niece and nephew on holiday a few months ago. There was a great variety of sizes available including collage prints if you have a number of photos you wish to display together.

Some options offered same-day collection from the store. If this is something that matters to you do check as it is only with some styles and sizes.

From Order to Delivery

I was very surprised at the speed of delivery, it took around a week from order to delivery. The canvas came very well packaged and in perfect condition.

Wrapped well in bubble wrap it could have been thrown around and still made it safely. I received emails throughout, once when ordered and once to say the items had been dispatched and would be 2/3 days.

I always find this helpful to know. If something was to go missing you would know when to raise a concern. The customer service, in sending these emails, was great I couldn’t fault it.

Quality of Tesco Photos Canvas Print

I genuinely thought prior to receiving the Tesco canvas that all canvases were pretty much the same where ever you ordered from. A stretched canvas over a basic wooden frame.

I was surprised to discover with the Tesco Photos canvas the wooden frame is much nicer quality wood. It was also much chunkier than other canvases I have ordered previously.

The frame is 3.8cm deep which is more than the cheap standard frames elsewhere and it is also wider and well-reinforced at the corners too. It feels extremely sturdy and looks much better quality just by being that bit thicker.

The photo itself is of amazing quality as I am sure you can see in my photo. It is hard to take a photo of a photo so I hope you can see it well or trust my description.

The print was definitely of professional quality and the colours were true to the photo’s original colours. Details were clear and the finish on the canvas was great.

Would I recommend Tesco Photo Canvas’?

Most definitely the answer is yes. At their full price, they are a little more expensive than some other companies but the quality of the frame is outstanding and definitely worth the price.

The 20″x16″ one I ordered usually retails at £52 however Tesco often have discounts and offers available. Currently, the canvas prints are half-price until 23rd October so if you have nice memories from the summer then now is the perfect time to order your canvas.

Pop over to the Tesco Photo website and check out the sizes and options available. If you have a panoramic photo they do those too and of course gifts like mugs, coasters etc.

If you would like to read other reviews of products and services I have written do check out my reviews section.

Tesco Photo Canvas Print - A Review

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