If you or your kids have a Nintendo Switch, you will know how much fun the console has to offer. From Mario to Zelda there is something for everyone. But did you know that they can also be a great way to exercise with your kids? 

Not only does the console provide hours of entertainment, but it also has a variety of active games on offer that will get all of your heart rates up. 

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Here are some tips for using the Switch to get fit with your kids:

Choose active games

Look for games that involve physical activity. There are plenty of options that require you to move around or use motion controls, such as Just Dance, RingFit Adventures, Family Trainer, Switch Sports and many others.

Set up challenges

If your children don’t like to exercise you could come up with a few challenges that they can do whilst playing the game/s, such as trying to beat a certain level or competing against each other. This will help keep you and your kids motivated.

Taking breaks is important

Don’t forget to take breaks in between playing. This will give you and your kids a chance to rest, as well as a chance to talk about what you’ve accomplished.

Make it a family activity

You can get the whole family involved in exercising with the Nintendo Switch. Choose a day or evening when everyone is free. Take turns choosing the games/activities within the games. This can make it a fun and social activity that everyone can enjoy together.

Track your progress

Keep track of everyone’s progress over time. This can help you see your improvement and motivate you to keep going. On the Nintendo Switch, you can all have your own profiles that can keep track of everyone’s individual progress in games.

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Choosing games

If you are looking for some games to play on your own, with your kids or just to encourage them to move more whilst they play here are a few suggestions.

Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure

This is a fun game played by one person (although you see each user’s stats). It comes with a Ring-Con and a Leg Strap that you attach to the Joy-Con controllers.

The game has different levels and exercises that you do by squeezing and stretching the Ring-Con and by doing different body movements with the Leg Strap. The game tracks your progress and encourages you to continue exercising.

Just Dance

This is a dance game that has different levels and songs that you can dance to.

The game tracks your movements and scores you based on your accuracy. You can play with up to four players, so you can dance with your kids and have fun together.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

This is a fun game everyone can play. It has different Olympic events that you can take part in, such as running, swimming, and gymnastics.

You can use the Joy-Con controllers to simulate the different movements required for each event.

Fitness Boxing

This is a game that uses the Joy-Con controllers to track your movements as you box.

The game has different levels and routines that you can follow to get a good workout. You can play on your own or in two-player mode.

With a little bit of creativity, you and your kids can use the Nintendo Switch to get fit and have fun at the same time. Do you have a Nintendo Switch? If so what games do you play with your kids?

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