I hate cleaning and I am sure I am not alone in that and you guys do too. Don’t get me wrong I don’t think our house is disgusting and I do keep on top of the cleaning but it is very begrudgingly!

If I can buy something to make the job easier I do however I am a bit of a skinflint and don’t like to spend more than I have to.

As a result, I generally buy cheap vacuum cleaners when I need a new one as I didn’t think that price would make for a better device.

When I was offered the Gtech Pro to review I thought I would put it to the test and see whether money really does buy a better product. I didn’t even read any Gtech hoover reviews and wasn’t sure what to expect!

What is the Gtech Pro?

It is a cordless bagged vacuum cleaner which has only just been released! The device claims to be hygienic and holds more dirt than its bagless competitors.

Charging in just 4 hours it has two settings max and eco. It includes a full set of accessories and claims to be good for cleaning the floor to ceiling as it is lightweight and easy to use.

A G-Tech Pro in pieces on carpet

How was it to initially unpack and work out how to use etc?

When all the parts were taken out of the box they were very self-explanatory. Whilst there is an instruction booklet it isn’t really needed.

The instructions, however, are straightforward and easy to understand. The charger plugs into any socket and as there is no stand etc for the device you can put it anywhere convenient to charge. It takes up very little room.

A part of green G-Tech Pro

How easy are the accessories to change?

It is extremely easy to change the accessories and combine them to do exactly what you need. I loved how easy it was to swap and change the accessories as I cleaned each room.

This enabled a thoroughly cleaned room really easily which of course is good when you don’t want to spend all day cleaning!

Gtech hoover reviews will often tell you what the best tools are for specific jobs!

Hoovering a white wall with Gtech Pro

How light is the Gtech Pro to use?

The Gtech Pro is perfect for use around the house. The information with it says it is 1.4kg in a handheld configuration which I haven’t checked but seems about right! It is perfect for cleaning absolutely everywhere from behind radiators to light shades and catching cobwebs in the corners of rooms.

Close up of a green Gtech Pro hoovering the ceiling

How good is the suction?

I have been very impressed with the suction of the Gtech Pro and based on Gtech hoover reviews many others are too. I have found nothing that wouldn’t be cleaned up and it seems to have good power on both the eco and the max settings.

Both settings I would say are much better than the cheap vacuum cleaner I previously had (the cheapest from Argos at the time!). I genuinely didn’t think there would be such a difference previously which is why I had always bought inexpensive cleaners thinking there would be no difference.

Gtech Pro cleaning the carpet on the stairs

How good is the battery?

I have been extremely impressed with the length of time the battery lasts and the fact it can be charged so quickly is handy too. I do not often clean the whole house in one go but if I wanted to I think this has the capability.

Obviously, if you live in a castle you may need to think again about owning just one Gtech Pro if you wanted to clean in one go. However, let’s face it if you lived in a castle I can’t imagine you would object to buying a few of them!

Gtech Pro cleaning a carpet

Does it make cleaning fun?

You know what? I absolutely love the Gtech Pro and it has made my cleaning much more fun as it just makes it easier so less of a chore. Who wants to carry heavy contraptions up the stairs or battle with cables that don’t reach wherever you are trying to clean?

The biggest bonus, however, is that Ben loves it and actually wants to clean up with it – singing along to the Queen song I want to break free (picture below!). He has even argued with me about who loves it most him or me!

Young boy hoovering a carpet

What about the bagged cleaning surely bagless is better.

I did wonder about this initially but actually, the bag makes emptying it so clean and there is no dust anywhere. I always find it odd that with bagless cleaners you spend ages sucking up the dust to then get it everywhere when emptying it!

Whilst I haven’t actually needed to empty it yet as the capacity is brilliant I have looked at how to empty it and I found it really straightforward.

Gtech Pro part on carpet

Value for money?

All vacuum cleaners do the job, my old one does the job and was significantly cheaper than the Gtech Pro which retails at £249. However, I think the difference is whether you want something light and nifty like the Gtech Pro.

If you do and you can afford it then I would definitely recommend it and with a 2-year warranty as standard, I think you will not have wasted your money.

It does a great job and hey just think of the time saved in pestering kids to clean up if they enjoy it and do it voluntarily! You may need to get your carpets cleaned less frequently too! Other Gtech hoover reviews I have seen are also good so I am not the only one who loves it.

A green Gtech Pro hoovering a radiator

If you fancy a look at the Gtech Pro and maybe ordering your own pop over to the Gtech Website and take a look. There you can find all the technical stuff that you might need and lots more pictures and of course all the information you need to buy it too.

Please note I was given the Gtech Pro to try out and share with my readers however I did not promise a positive review only that I would share my true experiences. The views and experiences above are my own.

Young boy hoovering a carpet

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